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Losing Hope

I will try to make this short as I am exhausted reaching and screaming out for help and information. I have multiple "Invisible Diseases" or as my endocrinologist said, multifactorial health challenges. Then he got tired of the small state, laws and how slow they were to think out of the box, he moved to another state. I have chronic fatigue, severely iron deficient anemia, 4 large bleeding ulcers, 1 kidney and 1 adrenal gland that is working rt now, oral gum disease and teeth are infected because disability doesn't pay for dental, etc. I am a Adult Child of Alcoholics, abuse, etc. As an adult on disability they started abusing me in different ways. I am so scared I dont like to leave my apartment. But looks like they took care of that too and are going to makeme and my service dog for seizures and complex ptsd homeless again.

I am ready to move on and just need to find a place to go for treatment for my complex ptsd healing or an interim place away from the abuse and toxicity.

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Dear Stumped, I am so very sorry to hear of the medical & emotional stuff that is overwhelming you. I, also, have lived with invisible conditions for the last 25 years & have experienced those times when you feel utterly defeated & beyond hope of ever feeling painfree & "normal". I wouldn't begin to attempt to address your medical situation, but, from what you have written, I think you're in dire need of support to help you through the extra difficult times. If you can't get out socially at all, could you maybe try to phone an Adult Children of Alcoholics Group & ask if they could help you? You might well find some friends through them & that might make life slightly more bearable for you. I find the support of even one good friend can be an enormous relief when I'm feeling overwhelmed with pain, weakness & isolation. Please feel free to use this site to express how you're feeling &, if you read some of the posts on here, you will see that you are not alone in feeling overwhelmed & desperate. Somehow it helps to know that we're not alone & you will very likely read posts from people who are even more worse off than yourself, which can somehow help you find the courage to keep going. I sincerely hope things ease off a bit for you soon & send you my love & support. Big hug, xx


Thanks. Yeah I have searched for an ACOA, but there are none in this state that I feel is like quick sand, for a lack of better terms.


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