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Hope for peripheral neuropathy sufferers

I suffer from peripheral neuropathy of unknown cause. I had muscle wasting. I asked to be sent for physiotherapy. They gave me exercises to release tight muscles and said I had to join a gym. The nhs would have paid for this for 10 weeks at the council gym but I joined a private one. Although I still have P N I am not in as much pain, am a lot stronger and generally more positive. I have had PN for 4 years and this is the only thing that has helped. I dont take any pain relief. I have posted this in the hope that it may help someone else reduce their pain

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That sounds very hopeful. I take morphine for pain good luck to you.


Hi Valerie58. I have had peripheral neuropathy for quite a few years now. It started with the pain in my feet and legs and jumping, stabbing pains. It took me ages to get diagnosed and I had to pay to see the neurologist privately after waiting months for an appointment. I got diagnosed and my gp was told to put me on amitriptyline. Recently I managed to get referred back to the hospital because of how my condition had deteriorated. Not the pain because to be honest mostly that is less of a problem. My mobility has decreased markedly, with dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath, excessive sweating etc. After seeing cardiac, respiratory, and neurology consultants I have finally been told that all of it is due to peripheral neurology which is now affecting other parts of me. No real treatment only finding out ways to cope day to day with the decreased abilities of daily living. I also walk on a treadmill for whatever I can manage each day and I do agree that that does help the pain. If I sit around too much the pain and other effects are definitely worse.


I take Gabapentin. It's the generic form of Neurontin. I take 3600 mg per day. This is the only thing that helps. I have neuropathy in feet, legs, and hands.

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Hello Bethany Im glad Neurotin is helping you,but how do you function


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