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Peripheral Neuropathy

I have peripheral neuropathy and I have had it for 10 years. I have numbness in the feet which affects my balance .and sometimes leg pain and for the pain I take Gabapentin The neurologist which I see anually has told me that there is no cure for it in my case as I do not have Diabetes.

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I do not have diabetes either but I swear this PN is debelitating!!! Can't do much at all!!!


Like me . I am also not diabetic. All the best !

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Thanks to ArthurG for the suggestion of K2-7 as mentioned in the video talk at 1:15. It appears the study was into those suffering from PN caused by Diabetes. Like 321alberic, my PN has no known cause, but I shall try K2-7 as symptoms are particularly bad at the moment. (Can't write with a pen for more than 20 minutes a day.)


I git same answer as i do not have Diabetes so many of the meds would be useless to me. The last 1 did at 30 least blood tests I never heard of, all normal, except high B 12, which for us is good. I take 2500 that gets absorbed when I chew them. I am just looking for answers.


Hi, I am in the same boat as you, I also do not have diabetes, I cannot stand, must lean on a wall, then very difficult to move , even trying to turn around to get into a seat, also affects my balance, and pain in the muscles in my legs, also back and shoulder pain is awful


Hello, I also have and still have Peripheral Neuropathy with no Diabetes, so I am in the same boat as you, I am having a MRI and CT scan on the 10th April, have had both done before Years ago, it is recommended by my Neurologist, as I have Ataxia also had lot of bloods done trying to find a gene I guess, Neurologist says that I should use a wheelchair now, as my Walker with a seat is not safe for me anymore -- Take care, Thanks for sharing , Neuropathy is not good ---- lottiejemma


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