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Peripheral Neuropathy - feet pain

Hello like spirits. ‘New here. Have pain in both feet. It just increased from cold and numb to adding pain (progressed ~15 years). This is a nightmare both mentally and physically. How did you first begin to cope?

Thanks and regards from Atlanta GA =/

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Do you know your levels of B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? All are important and low B12 can cause neurological issues - including PN - as I know personally. I have B12 deficiency caused by surgery and self inject ...


Those levels of B, D, F fall in normal ranges. PN pain has been minor for about 15 years but flared in the last few days to a level 9/10. I was panicky scared first 2 days. ‘Am now reading everything I can on dealing with it - worse >6pm. I’ve got some interim Percocet for unbearable pain until I can see a neurologist next month. Using judiciously.

To make matters worse tremors started in hands about the same time. May be related?

All in all, very uncomfortable and scary re ‘what ifs=(

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Being in the normal range does not mean OPTIMAL ! Also CFS/ME can often be un-diagnosed low thyroid ...


Went to doctor yesterday and gave blood after revealing all symptoms. He said he would check ‘usual suspects’, presumably thyroid indicators. I will otherwise bring it up next visit, this week. Thanks.

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