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Hi my names Ashley and i am 25 years old.

Im currently suffering and i am not sure why. about 2 years ago i started to have debilitating stomach pains, sickness, headaches, nausea, muscle ache, pins and needles, difficulty sleeping and very bad fatigue.

I have been tested for all sorts, lactose intolerance, throid, B12 etc. But nothing.

I notice it is worse when i have my menstrual cycle and the general consensus is that i have CVS (Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome) but to me, this seems like a way to get me off the doctors back.

Its completely dibilitating, frustrating and upsetting! I am currently taking the anti-depressant sertraline, and i fear without that...i will go down a very dark path.

Does anyone have any thoughts?



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Try and keep going good luck.

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Docs have little understanding of B12 Deficiency and Thyroid and say all is well when you are in range. WHERE YOU ARE in the ranges is important. Do you have copies of your blood test results ? You are legally entitled to have copies. I am on both the Thyroid and the B12 forums here on HU. So many helpful people who really know their stuff..... :-)

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Thankyou for your help. I have an appointment friday so I will ask for my results then!


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