Ibs fibro

I've not been on for awhile and I've recently been really unwell I'm not overly sure I'm suffering with ibs as it seems to be anything I eat lately leaving me in horrendous pain and burning up the only way the pain eases is to put my hand under cold running water as silly as this seems , I couldn't go into work through being so ill and my fibro is making me feel terrible , I've bought some vitamins to try and make myself feel better I'm scared of eating due the severe pain I get which as caused me to drop weight I dnt know if anyone can help me at all with dietrey information in at a loss with how to move forward x

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  • Perhaps Ensure could work for getting weight gain back and nutrition. However, I would recommend visiting a nutritionist or dietician. I'm not sure how common dieticians are everywhere, but I hope you get better soon :)

    I would recommend ZocDoc.com website/app, you can find literally any type of doctor on there! :), or


    You can search both by state.

  • Digestive enzymes amd probiotics help me

    I am on mtx and 5mg prednisone a day rigjt now. And they bothrsd with your digestion.

    However. If the pain is intolerable I'll just ask if you've had any scopes recently? O would look at having one done. Just to make sure you're ulcer and cyst- free. Good luck, and please let me know bow you get on! 😇

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