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Anyone take Pregabalin as a pain relief


I suffer severe Osteoathritis, have 2 thoracic fractures and lumber no 1 fracture , have Epilepsy and Depression also curvature in spine . Just had some recent x ray results and thankfully no new fractures but the pain I am in has changed recently . GP has now put me on Pregabalin as a pain relief to take along side the morphine and has taken me off other pain killers that did nothing . My report is saying that it is the old fractures and the Osteo. that is causing all the problems I have now and it is all around my ribcage as well so causes shortness of breath . He has also said its a difficult one to treat and will only degenerate ( which it has ) .

What can I expect from this medication as it is classed as Neuropereneal pain ? Think thats right ?

Only low dose of 25mg twice a day to start as I have other meds. to consider .

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Yes I do I am on 225mgs twice daily for my neuralgia. It helps with my back pain too. M


Thats a large dose not sure I will be able to have that amount due to the Morphine , however Iam not finding the low dose atm doing anything .


Hi Spots1,

I'm so sorry you are in such pain. And coping with epilepsy and depression as well.

I have just this minute taken my first dose of gabapentin, which is very similar to pregabalin; I'm not sure, but I think both drugs are sometimes used for treating epilepsy as well as pain. I have been prescribed 300 mg gabapentin daily, rising to 900 mg daily over three days. I too have severe osteoarthritis - knees, shoulders, neck - and also bipolar disorder, so I get depressed as well. I have had two prolapsed discs removed; the one in my neck this September. I take venlafaxine, nitrazepam, quetiapine (small dose), paracetamol, ibuprofen and lansoprazole, in addition to the new gabapentin. I don't yet know how the gabapentin will affect the pain in my joints.

Here is a link from a New Zealand website to perineal pain: . It includes a link to gabapentin:

and mentions pregabalin as a treatment as well.

Here is the Wikipedia entry for pregabalin:

I completely understand that you have to consider your medication as a whole, but 25 mg of pregabalin twice a day sounds like a low dose to me. I'm not sure that a small dose will do much to help your pain; I've just looked up the doses, and it appears that most patients are started on 150 mg daily, taken in two doses of 75 mg. But you are probably taking medication for epilepsy already, and I'm NOT AN EXPERT! DO NOT take my word on anything - you must ALWAYS do what your doctor has told you to do.

I am NOT a clinician of ANY sort!! All I've done is google pregabalin and neuroperineal pain! I suggest you look at the links I've given you, and see if anything on the pages is any use to you.

I hope the pregabalin works for you - let me know. xx


I take Pregabalin too;60mg twice a day to help with neuropathic pain, together with 100microgramme Morphine patches and 30mg x 4 daily Morphine tablets as necessary. To be honest, I can't really tell how much benefit I derive from these tablets, but you know how it've been taking them for years and don't want to end upin worse pain if you stop! I too have difficulty breathing at times, though this is more due to the fact that I have COPD than to the Pregabalin.


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