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Help !!!

 Help !!!

Hi , I'm desperate for some answers or advice, can ostiopina give more pain with having fibromyalgia , I have low back pain from an injury 2 years ago and chipped the bone off the bottom of my spine or it's a hole, my GP won't listen too me , she just thinks I'm a junkie, coz I'm on a high level of morphine but not compared to what I was on , 180mgs of OxyContin , have severe fibromyalgia where my heart goes into spasum , thought it was angina , do have TJM too, suffer shingle bad evry year on my left side of face, that has infected my eye but also been told can go to the brain and cause MS, sorry tears again, I'm 42 and struggling with the menopause the last 20 years due too cancer and having a radical hysterectomy , how can I convince my GP I need a brain scan and a MRI on my lower back as I can't stand , touch do anything without so much pain that's slowly moving up my spine, I just don't know what to do anymore, this is the 2nd surgery I've been too for help, I was totally on my own, no money, no food and in bed for 6 months after my husband died, couldn't make hospital app has I was too ill to leave the house, has my grief has got better I got better until a few months ago, my pills stop working, so I'm back to square one, can't leave my flat, my back is cracking even when I cough, I can't sit on anything hard without shooting pains up my back, can't press on the big boned part of my lower back, so I don't know if my osteopenia has gone too osteoarthritis , or slipped disc , I'm in a right mess, and I'm sure my flare ups are much worse then other fellow fibromyalgia wRriors , I don't have IBS, I don't feel tender along my chest, I do have noropathy pain in my legs, I keep getting new symptoms , blurred vision and with terrible pain behind my eyes and my energy levels well I can't even lift a cup, could it be a number of things than fibromyalgia , even my muscle are starting too feel sore like they are cut or grased and I can't get too them too sooth them , please can someone please help me on what they think all this is , so I can. Try and tell my GP if she listens what too refer me too , I've been under pain clinic but missed my app coz of having shingles but got told off, no app to next Feb , had shingles on my face since the age 19 , I'm 42 now , and very low and wanting too take my life , coz I'm not living I'm just existing

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Hi there. Osteopenia is diagnosed by having a specialised MRI scan in a hospital clinic, having been referred by your GP. Osteopenia is low bone mineral density, similar but not quite as severe as osteoporosis. You need to be taking Calceos tablets, which are chewed daily, and these will assist in the loss of calcium and vitamin D. I don't believe the problem can be cured, but it can be stopped from getting any worse. Fibromyalgia can be lived with, despite its desperate symptoms. Physiotherapy, injections, acupuncture, etc. do not cure it, I know, so take a big deep breath and come to terms with it, it is possible to cope with it. You're lucky, they won't prescribe morphine for me. I also have substantial other medical problems, and through sheer perseverence, have learnt to live with them. I wish you all the luck in the world, and if your GP won't refer you for an MRI, change your doctor. All the best.

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Hi maggy2, yes v had a bone Dexta scan about 5 years ago and meant to have one every 3 years coz of being diagnosed so young but where I have severe fibromyalgia TMJ , depression and panic disorder they just blame my lower back on fibromyalgia but I know my body it's nothing to do with fibromyalgia , I tripped a few years ago , just tripped didn't fall, it was my iron door stop , someone didn't put it against the door and left it in the door way of my kitchen ( probably myself) any way the pain was so bad I couldn't sit down without screaming, my sister took me to A&E managed to ask someone in the X-ray department to do an X-ray coz there was along wait in A&E and I was on my own crying coz I was so much in pain,

A radiographer dun me an X-ray and the look on her face said go and see your GP, so I managed to get home and my dieing husband had too look after me has much as he could , I phoned my GP daily for my results and he said there's no such X-ray , so that left me in a right state , the dr just called me a junkie all the time , he had no respect for me and thought I was after more pain killers but I wasn't , this is the stigma that I carry on my notes, sorry just talking about it just makes me cry coz I was put on meathadone once before coz I lost my nan who was like my mum suddenly and the same year my husband wS diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and I was bringing up 3 teenage boys with fibromyalgia and everyone knows with fibromyalgia anything upsetting can bring you into. Massive flare and I had no hormones after them taking away when I was21 from having cancer myself any way I had no support at all at home , I was in agony all over so my husband gave ne one of his OxyContin to help me to be out of pain so I could look after him the 3 boys , 2 dogs but in the end we told my doctor on how much pain relief I had too take to take care of my family including having to do my husbands chemo what was a lot of responsibility , so my dr suggested I go onto methadone , so I did only too be on it a few months for the drug psychotherapist to say we shouldn't of put you on this , it's make fibromyalgia a lot worst and put me on OxyContin myself and said she not a drug seeker pha!!! She's in pain and needs support at home........ My back was really bad for at least 6 months my legs was killing me and I was so use too the pain reliever wasn't working anymore, so I went to see my dr but he wasn't in one day and see another who went through my notes and said ,aww I can't see you chipped a bit of bone out of the bottom of your back or it's a hole, I couldn't believe what I wS hearing so all this time I'm thinking where I'm struggling it's must be fibromyalgia pain but it had nothing to do with fibromyalgia it was when I just tripped in doors cos my bones have got weaker, time went on my husband left me coz he wanted me to stand on my own 2 feet what I know now, I went on to have a mental break down where I didn't wash, do nothing, just lay there day after day, night after night, I was lucky 2 of my boys had left home and my youngest was 18 , he the youngest dun as much as he could but one night I was like I was stone ,and couldn't move a muscle and ending up laying in my own urine , diarea and vomit until a friend came over sorted me out all my muscles was ridged , she got me into her car straight too my dr and they refused to see me, so we found a Drs that would , he took one look at me and said your having a mental breakdown , I was diagnosed with panic disorder , severe depression , dun some blood tests and an ecg , blood test well I did and hadn't had any HRT in my body for 6 years, I had my heart jumping all over the place, I'd lost nearly 3 stone , I was a complete mess , but this GP was brilliant with me , gave me all the meds coz there was no way I could manage to even see anyone about my problems , so I weened myself off these nasty drug called OxyContin (heroine) it was hard but I dun it all by myself at home coz all I was getting from the last Drs , go too the drugs place where I walked in agony I in pain in my pjs once, soaking wet for it not too be opened , I just cal lapsed any way so I've been off them pills 18 months , I'm on normal morphine but since that loverly GP left , it's all happening again, my GP now has made lies up about me , said stuff that I have no idea where she has got it from , my back is that bad my new fiancé is my legs , I can't stand for no longer than 2 mins, I can't sit on anything hard coz the shooting pains that shooter fast and breath taking sometimes and first thing in the morning I fill like I've. Been sleeping on concrete , the whole lower of my back feels has its turned to stone and slowly traveling up my back these last 2 years, it's affecting my hips they keep giving away, I can't leave my flat that I moved into so I could give a home to a family and have some good time like my family had, but even then instead of that taking 6 weeks it took me 6 months to mov coz all the support was my 3 sons and they have all full time jobs and nun drive yet , so I had too leave stuff behind and five stuff away but now I'm so happy in my flat but can't enjoy it coz my back is that bad, I'm too scared to move. , I've had new symptoms lately that I've never had before, I feel like I'm constantly morning I'm in pain and yes there's been a few times I've wanted to take my own life, I do self harm never did before anything, I've been assessed again and was told to go back to the drug centre before the mental health team will help me, because I'm on a high dose of morphine that I've been on that dose for way overa year and that some times I need more than 3 zoplicone a to sleep even tho I've been on zoplicone for 20 years, I'm under pain clinic but missed 2 app coz one I had shingles and the second one I had no idea about , this is the latter my dr sent me out last Saturday so completely ruined my weekend coz my fiancé and me couldn't believe the crap she has put into it so it left me in tears and in bed all last weekend , she don't like the fact that I've.contacted NHS England about her so she's taken it personally not professionally , so I've booked an app for the 22nd so next week her Drs room there be lots flying back and forth from both of us , I'm amazed she's going to be in lol, coz when she's never in I never get my script ion on the day I start them , so I'm 6 hours late taken my pain killers, so I'm in a lot of pain and withdrawing starts too kick in and they all think I'm mad at that Drs coz I'm contantly phoning them to say is my scrip going to be ready, I'm not allowed to see any other dr apart from her and she in once a week but the last 2 months she's been on holiday , so I can't do anything. But watch my life past me by, I've lost family, friends all because my husband had cancer and I found it hard to cope xxxx


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