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Hi all,

I haven't yet been diagnosed with PN, intact I've only come to the conclusion I possibly have this around 3 hours ago.

Basically for the last 4 years I have battled with my family and gp as I was having awful leg cramps through the night and leg twitching through the day! To the point I had to stop driving long distances as the pain was immense and I'd get myself and my car stuck somewhere waiting hours for someone to come and rescue me.

Well tonight I got my usual fuzzy burning sensation in my left hand, Googled it and PN appeared (please keep in mind for the last 3 years I've Googled my other symptoms and never found this) and 90% other symptoms fit.

I have a foot drop however I just thought that was because I wasn't wearing good enough shoes etc, but reading everything I have motor PN.

Only in the last 6 months has my gp diagnosed me with a serve B12 definancy and Folic Acid 5mg daily for the rest of my life.

Do I go back to my gp with my knewfoundknowledge? Or do you think after another 6 months my symptoms will improve?

Also I'm only 26 and readingost articles it doesn't effect my age range.



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Sorry I can't help with the pains advice-it is my adult son with PN. I would like to offer some ideas on how you may have developed this. Have you at any point in your life, been exposed to toxic chemicals? Such as, Roundup weed killer used on your yard, park, or school grounds? What about used in a garden that grew your veges? There are other toxins; google Ft McClellan, Ala toxins from Anniston, Ala. Some people are more sensitive to these chemicals; I personally believe that if you closely watch what you eat, and become aware of these poisons, your symptoms will at the very least, not continue to worsen. Begin to follow Erin Brockovich. Work with your doctors, but make yourself responsible for learning all you can, and shareshareshare with your dr-insist on relevant testing. At the very least, it will eliminate PN, when you can focus onfinding another issue. Good luck!


hi Sam,hopefully your taking about peripheral neuropathy,well being prescribed folic acid cause of your vitamin deficiency is a talking point with your GP,however there are various tests that can narrow down on,but even then they are not always conclusive,I've had a brain scan,which came back negative,but the one test that pointed the specialist to his out come was the simplest and that was similar to the American sobriety drink driving,except you have to keep you eyes closed and walk in a straight line,I failed miserably,lost my balance,yes you seem on the young side,but heavy drinking is a source of pn,and also working with metals is another cause,I have the exact symptoms,and it's very intense,and the pain comes in different guises,each day can be painful,and obviously it can effect lower limbs,as well upper arms and hand,people have a different way to explain their symptoms,and I felt like someone had put a straw into my calf muscles and was blowing into my legs,my feet feel puffy,pins and needles,and feel like they're on fire,please try and get back to your GP,or a referral to a neurology clinic can at least start your journey to hopefully getting some sort of pain relief,it's something I still struggle to get my head round the hows and whys,and you might feel your alone,trust me your not,and remember there's pain clinics that can alleviate some of your symptoms,so if your stuck for any answers,and I'll try and help,you'll find the majority of folk on this forum are willing to give advice,but it's your GP firstly


This is not the time to mess around with a GP, not even one who is astute and helpful, which many are not. You need to be seen by a neurologist, and a good one, not some hack who will tap on your knees and tell you, "yes, you have neuropathy", then do nothing. Try to get seen at a University teaching hospital setting. You are only 26, whatever is happening is happening too fast, and you need to get some answers. I am 73, and my neuropathy has been developing very slowly for 30 years, so I am approaching the problem a little more leisurely, but you cannot afford to be leisurely about it.


Hi all, thanks for your comments tried calling the go surgery up today to get myself in and sorted and as usually there are no appointments! Ahhhh I waited for 20 minutes on the phone aswell. Well I'm off all this week so I will keep trying to get myself in and get sorted.



Hi all, thanks for your responses and advice I'm booked in this afternoon to see my gp is there anything specific to ask? Thanks


No don't leave it , ask your doc to refer you to see nurologist , were are you from if you don't mind me asking . I suffered like yourself for ages doctor didn't no what to do with me and it makes you think is it in your head ,,,,, so deffo ask to see nurologist good luck x


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