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Unkown illness

I vividly remember, it was on the 4th of August, that I fainted( was unconscious for 3-5 seconds) and ever since everything feels weird.It is kinda hard to describe(foggy, spaced out, dull).I've undergone numerous tests( MRI, ct scan, blood tests) all of which came out normal, except vitamin d3 and b12 which are (12.6 and 189 ). I've started taking supplements 6 weeks ago( 4000IU d3 and 2000 mcg b12). I've even taken 5 b12 injections. I see absolutely no improvement.Though I'm able to do everything that I used to earlier, it feels different. The very fact that all this has started immediately after the fainting spell is causing worries, I need to know that this is not permanent, it's been haunting me 3 months now (24 *7). All this has nothing to do with depression or anxiety, cos it started immediately after the fainting spell. I wasn't drunk or anything when that happened and it was the first time I had fainted in years.Plz help

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I'm no expert but your Vit D and Vit B12 are low. Are you carrying on with the B12 injections? DRs seem to think that after a few injections when your blood test shows an improvement that you are ok! But you need to carry on supplementing until you feel better!


Once you are treating the B12 deficiency the blood test is worthless as it skews the result. Of course the amount shown in the blood will be higher. You must consider that the result you had was VERY low as only 20% of the result is available to be used in your cells. The range starts at 500 in Japan and goes up to 1300. Neurological symptoms can occur below 500 - hence you are feeling unwell. If you are taking B12 under the tongue - allow it to dissolve so it can be taken up by the micro-circulation. You will also need to take Folic Acid as it works with the B12 in the body. Also take a GOOD B Complex to keep all the B's in balance.

Do you have any gut issues ? Have you been tested for Pernicious Anaemia ? I also think you need loading doses of VitD to bring your levels up - especially now that it is winter....

Last but not least - have you been tested for thyroid conditions ? People with thyroid issues often have low vitamins and minerals....


Any update ? Wondered if my reply was helpful ? Hope you are feeling stronger....


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