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Is anyone on azathioprine? Arcoxia (etarocoxib)? Versatis (lidocaine) plasters?

I have atypical PMR (i.e. with normal blood results) and also degenerative changes in my spine. I saw my rheumatologist yesterday. Because I have diabetes and hypertension, and because steroids worsen my depression, she feels it is best to give a steroid-sparing medication and slowly reduce my prednisolone to 5mg daily. (I'm currently on 11mg.) She has put me on azathioprine 50mg daily for a week, then increasing to twice daily.

Has anyone else had this and, if so, how did you find it? I will have to have regular blood tests.

She also prescribed etorocoxib. My GP wouldn't give COX-2 inhibitors because of the cardiac risks, but the rheumatologist says that they are increasingly finding that the older NSAIDs also increase the risk and many people only need the COX-2 medication every three days once established, which reduces the risk. She said that if I wanted to change from that I could have meloxicam (also COX-2, but longer-established). I've been asking for that for ages as it works so well on animals! I just have to remember not to ask for Metacam (the veterinary name!)

Well - I must do some cage-cleaning now, and put my latest little pets in a more open hammock so they can't hide! Two of them are really too young to have been homed (only the size of mice) but I'll give them a good diet, as a breeder would. Both of those are wavy-coated - one grey and white and one caramel and white, then I have a semi-hairless girl, white/ivory with black eyes. She's 8-9 weeks and much braver.

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I am not on that particular drug, but I am on an anti -TNF program, where I inject myself once a month.

Take care

Jane x


Well - the first blood test was OK, next one Monday. I'm not sure if it is the Arcoxia but, despite reduced steroids, I've had much less pain this last few days.


hiya ive been on arcoxia for at least 15 years for cronic lower back pain if i dont take it for a few days for some reason or other then my pain starts up bad im on 90mg xx


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