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Does anyone here work full-time or part-time with FND?

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I have not been well this year but unfortunately, I must start looking for work as I am out of money.

Any tips regarding how you cope with day to day life and at work, and how you manage your symptoms, would be great.

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Hi, I know how you feel. I reduced my hours from 37.5 to 24 then last year took redundancy. I have not worked since last May. Working was so difficult, I either had lots of docs/hospital appointments or just physically couldn't cope with the day. I was on disciplinary for my sickness and this only increased my symptoms. I would get home and go straight to bed for at least 2 hours every night. Now I'm not working but whilst this is great as I can manage my symptoms better my mental health has got worse. There is no easy answer unfortunately. Thankfully I am in a position that does not require me to go to work. I do miss adult conversation/banter during the day but this is a small price to pay for the ability to manage what I thought were unmanageable symptoms. Good luck with everything I'm sure the perfect job is out there for you, just persevere.

I just returned to work a month ago after 8 months medical leave. I tried to return half way during the leave and my FND flared up. Returning to work this time also flared up my FND (drop attacks, seizures, twitching, voice change, etc). But my employer knew my condition and I have worked there for 10 years, and I’m trying to get grounded and steady hoping that my FND will calm down some. I’m not giving up. I work in a nursing home. But all of our journeys with FND are different. Yet, employers need to be understanding that many people have health challenges but need employment for living and for fulfillment in life. Please trust yourself! Choosing a job where you feel calm, supported, and safe. Best wishes.

I haven't been able to work for 3 years. Almost all of my skills have been affected by FND and with the added bonus of not always being able to clearly speak, I rather not risk the abuse.

hi i havent been able to work for 12 years, still waiting for help as i am about to declare myself bankrupt and loose everything. I used to work 3 jobs a day before this and now no help or anything, hope you get there x

Hi I am still working 40 hour weeks and also looking after my husband who has had a stroke. My work are not great helping sick or disabled workers either even though they have awards to say otherwise. I try to cope as much as I can as only my income coming in but each day is a struggle my memory is failing and I keep falling over constantly exhausted. I feel like screaming giving up with it all… I’m down but not out… Not yet anyway but nearly… X

Still working 40 hours per week. I’ve had symptoms on and off for over 6 years, but the past year has been constant and persistent with new symptoms and I’m missing a day or two or more) each week now because of it. It’s getting increasingly difficult to do my job both physically and mentally, so I have begun looking into the possibility of going on disability. I’m lucky to be able to work from home and feel confident i would not be able get to and from and perform the functions of my job if I was forced to go into the office. In the little research I’ve done so far, disability sounds like A long shot, but it is becoming increasingly clear that it is my only option. I’m trying to find others that were successful.

Hi, I'm due to return to work next week after the best part of 3 months off since I left work in an ambulance. I struggle every single day especially with fatigue and dizziness. It's literally a case of making it through every single day and hope I don't suffer another attack. The reality is I am just waiting for it to happen again. I was diagnosed with FND over twenty years ago. I feel as soon as you're diagnosed you are hung out to dry with no support. Hopefully you will find work with the right support behind you.

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