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Has anyone experienced FND/CD symptoms getting worse during autumn/winter time?


Hi All, every year as soon as Autumn comes, some of my fnd/cd symptoms get worse e.g. slowness, balance issues, coordination issues, walking difficulty, rls, permanent fatigue is worse as well. Also, due to overwhelming helplessness, depression hits as hard as ever. Maybe it's related to ibs because at the same time diggesting issues occur. Obviously the above symptoms get worse sometimes in spring and summer as well. When wheather is cloudy or/and it's raining or the weather is changing on a daily basis I simply feel much worse. The difference is that in the summertime there are more sunny days and between march and september my productivity is better( but still far away from normal). I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the same pattern?

P.S. I hope you don't mind me asking question without sharing my own story...I wrote it 1 year ago. Since then, I have rewritten it couple of times but it's still too long and I don't want to be boring. I just can't tell my story briefly.



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Hi there, I'm in regional Australia so it's summer. But FND has a lot to do about stress and emotional health, so when it's more painful because of the weather, it changes how you view everything. Not that stress doesn't kick in other times. It's hard to explain, I'm a positive person but still struggle. Wish I knew why?? But in the meantime, one day at a time, or one hour at a time. Hang in there!!

Hi Moniren, thanks for reply. Obviously stress and emotions are key factors. Never mind if fnd was caused by psychological trauma or physical pain, stress is always there once you get ill. Even people with no emotional issues in the past and who developed fnd after e.g car accident will get depression due to stress caused by living with limitations, chronic pain or disability or all of them at the same time. Fortunately, my pain related symptoms apart from headaches/migranes remain at the same level during mentioned period. This terrible weather affects my movements, motor functions e.g I've always had a bad back(currently 4 spinal hernias) so in order to pick something up from the floor I need to bend my knees but I kind of cannot control this move( I have disociative amnesia-forgot some body moves) and sometimes I get my knees and ankles injured when I try to bend the knees. It's hard to explain but its real and painful. I am not sure if your question is why you still stay positive or why you still struggle. The answer to both questions would be: 'cause you're the winner'. Only winners stay positive with this terrible disease and only winners keep on struggling to beat this one day regardless of the statistics. One day at a time seems to be a good approach but don't stop dreaming about better future. Take care of yourself. SS

Yes! every year when autumn starts my pain goes up, all my symptoms slowly get much worse🙁Looking forward to summer- this year more than ever!

Merry Christmas and keep safe 😀

Hi Borrow, thanks for reply. Maybe this could be due to low serotonin levels? I don't know. There are so many questions without an answer despite so many specialists consultations. Last autumn before I got fnd/cd I was working 7 days a week( full time in the office+ part time as a youth football coach), cooking, cleaning, jogging, exercising, dating etc. Another autumn already with fnd I gave up on full time job and stopped doing anything else. Its hell of a difference, isn't it? Its very pessimistic to accept that during 6 out of 12 months I am excluded from 'normal' living even more. I am sorry that all of your symptoms get much worse. In my case its just some of them, mainly related to my movement. Merry Christmas and take care😀

Yes I am noticing that my FND symptoms have been quite worse since the winter hit here in California

Hi, thanks for reply. I didn't check my mailbox recently. Have you been diagnosed with IBS? Hope you don't mind me asking. I'm just trying to find out if ibs has anything to do with fnd symptoms getting worse. In my case ibs symptoms occure at the same time when fnd symptoms get worse. I mean September every year. All the best

No worries, I'm glad you replied when you could. As for IBS. No, I haven't been diagnosed. But I do exhibit similar symptoms during my flare-ups. My doctors say it's unlikely I have IBS and the pain is due to the FND. Either way, when it flares up in my gut I treat it like IBS and do what I can to feel better based on suggestions for IBS.

Thank you. It's all complicated...trying to find out where the symptoms are coming from. Take care

Keep me posted as you learn. I'm sure it would be helpful.

Ok I will. Anyways I owe you and everybody else on this website my own post with my experiences. The thing is that there were a lot of them and as I wrote in P.S above I tend to create long stories which nobody would read. I have rewritten my post couple of times but have never shared it. It's freaking long even if I focus only on my symptoms and all of my trials to help myself throughout last 4 years. I still haven't made up my mind if I should post it. Maybe one day I will...

Well let me tell you I got time and the desire to read it if you want to put it out there :) I am sure your story could help others and it can be hard to share, but I encourage to take that brave step. I will be here when you are ready. Be well.

Thank you 😀. I'll share it soon. Just need to amend it a bit. Take care

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