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What am I suffering with pd fnd or et


My tremors started internally last September. My internal tremors arevery apparent near my periods

. Since then they have come to my hands left then right




I have balance issues

I shuffle along the floor

I do not have a right arm swing

I do not blink often.

My seance if smell is or has deteriorated a lot.

I freeze a lot from getting out of bed to walking over different surfaces.

I have a stiff trunk and neck

My right shoulder is very stiff.

I have bladder urgency

and can go for days without going for the other.

I get shooting pains in my elbows knees ankles and hips.

Not all at one time

I get cramp a lot

I kick and punch in bed and have vivid nightmares where I can be screaming out loud and not be non the wiser.

I have quite poor memory short term.

Can anyone on here help me please? I am on no medication and no am currently awaiting heart scan results as I get a super fast heart beat and woerd palpatations.

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Hi there,

Wow, you have a lot to contend with.

Sadly, I also have multiple symptoms at this point.

Some of your symptoms I can also say apply to me.

Internal tremors - oh yes, very used to these. I call it wobbling internal organ syndrome ! I experience these most often upon dozing off and waking up, with my eyes tick tocking side to side in time with the rythm.

I get tremor in my spine and neck.

I too have balance probs - I stagger to the right a lot and fall over to the right with feet together and eyes shut ( Romberg test ) : neuroexam.com/neuroexam/con...

Shooting pains, cramp, muscle stiffness, yes. Plus spasms, weakness and muscle pain/fatigue after use.

Bladder urgency/ stress incontinence ( worn pads for 9 years ).

Constipation and digestive issues.

Short term memory and concencentration probs.

Palpitations and adrenaline rushes ( fast heart rate ). Be aware that your brain controls your heart rate so you can have a perfectly healthy heart but a messed up rythm as the signals to it are not always functioning correctly.

What tests and results have you had so far ?

How long ago did this start ?

May I ask your age, work and family status ? ( do feel free to tell me to mind my own business ! )

Does anything seem to have triggered it/ made it worse ( I'm thinking, head injury,infections, viruses, fatigue etc )

Do symptoms have peaks or troughs at regular times ?

Some links that might be useful :




I 'm including Endocrine because any problem with brain dysfunction can have the domino effect on other areas and can cause symptoms elsewhere, hormonal, thyroid etc.

Lastly, know that you are not alone, talk anytime : )

Oh and if you do not already do so, taking a vitamin/mineral supplement to ensure your body gets all it needs is a good idea, as is resting when you need to and minimising worry/stress ( easier said than done, I know ! )

Kind regards, Angela x


Definitely get your thyroid checked. My daughter has had FND for over 15 years but in the last 3 years has had thyroid and prolactin issues firstly hypothyroid (underactive) now Hyperthyroid overactive. She is getting internal tremors, her hands have tremors in them, she has palpitations as well. I haven't read anywhere that the internal tremors are connected to the thyroid but the others are. Hormones can cause lots of issues and I have a feeling that the thyroid issues and FND are somehow connected. Hopefully someone else may be able to throw some more light on this. She appears to have more issues around period time as well.

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Hi Harley,

An interesting conversation on our sister Thyroid website :


Incidentally, my own sister is on T3 and 4 as she cannot convert and gets the same symptoms. I only get this during a flare up when my HPA axis seems to get messed up and endocrine/autonomic stuff goes loopy. It can take a few months to settle again. My flares appear to be set off by abnormal response to infection, hence I am currently ( finally, after 3 years ! ) under investigation for autoimmune problems. x


Yes I too recommend taking a vitamin supplement. Vitamin D helps with my mobility issues even just at 10ug a day must be vitamin D3. B complex also helps with tingling in my hands and feet. I take omega-3 which helps brain function and vitamin C as I get constant infections without it. Also a multi complex to balance things out. Natural remedies have been far better for me than pharmaceutical though Mirtazapine helps at a very low dose and amitriptyline if I'm having a really bad night as Insomnia is my worst symptom. I'm also in early menopause and I use a product called menogest which is 97% natural and has really helped with my sleep problems and the menopause that seem to come on early. I also get bowel trouble and very painful periods x

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I had some of my heart issues and seizures "fixed" if you will, once I was diagnosed with afrenal failure. I had seizures for three years after my brain surgery, I have been seizure free for 3 months now!! I also have many hormonal issues including Hashimotos, Thyroid. B12, D3.

Important for you to find a good endocronologist!! Good luck to you!!! By the way I am on cortisol for the pituitary gland that tells the adrenal gland what to do. Just dont give up or stop looking for the correct answers. Dont take no for an answer.

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Vitamin B12 and magnesium deficiency is very common with these kinds of symptoms. The more your muscles move, the exponentially greater your requirements for magnesium. My doctor has me taking 3-8 huge tablets per day, or their equivalents in epsom salts baths and magnesium oils and lotions. Depends on how much muscle movement i have...as soon as I start getting cramps or seizures I take a magnesium tablet, and if they are still going half an hour or so later, I take another.

B12 deficiency causes all kinds of muscle and nerve damage and/or interference. Levels in the lower half of normal range can still cause significant problems for some people, and the symptoms will often decrease once you start supplementing B12 with either injections (from your doctor, who will test for pernicious anaemia first) or by taking tablets. Talk to your doctor first, before taking tablets so that they don't affect any blood test results.

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With respect to what are you suffering, only a neurologist, doctor or psychiatrist are qualified to make diagnoses like that.

Check out neurosymptoms.org and fndhope.org and see if anything there sounds familiar.


I am only commenting in regards to myself and that no one ever bothered to check me. Had they checked I would not have spent two years at a psychiatrist office and suspending all brain therapies after a brain tumor surgery, with seizures, falls etc... I would have had the proper medication instead of looking for a phantom trauma that never happened. I agree only a doctor can diagnose - and if they don't diagnose- keep advocating for yourself. I knew I wasn't depressed. I kept advocating for my self. I had to have an adrenal crisis and almost die before they diagnosed me correctly. It should never have to go that far. that is why we share our information, and hope we can spare someone else the agony. In the meantime, I do not hold onto anger as that will not accomplish anything for myself or anyone else. After all doctors are human and that is why they call it practicing medicine. I have a lot to be grateful for.


I know this may sound a bit daft but exercise does help, it has helped me tremendously, and I suffer most of the symptoms as yourself


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