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Its ok to work and have a job

After being diagnosed and getting out of " THE HOSPITAL" (thats how we say it in the USA maybe canada) with non epileptic siezures I really was unsure of what all that really meant and had numerous questions. My symptoms changed. I went through depression, confusion, anger, self-pity, and now Im better.

I did return to work as a mechanic at Car dealer but when I returned back to work I was looked at with unsure or concerned eyes. All I could try and do was say yah im fine. I didnt know if i was, I was trying to walk it off. But being put on leave made things worse. I had more problems because I discovered that Its a part of my brain leaving myself after my brain is not having to be worked. like when I sit down and dont have to use any mental strength. When I watch tv, sit and think, lay in my bed, just sitting after physical work. Etc

After I tryed to hard to show doctors I could work on cars with out incident and them saying no that its a liability if they approve, I promptly applied for a job in the industry and not a mechanic. A week later I was interviewed and took the job as lead MASTER MECHANIC!

Is it dangerous? Even before this disorder its been dangerous. I take medication as I should but I frown on the KLONOPIN due to my road tests as well as coming off it. I get worse whe I come off it.

My crew is great. Theyve had that surprised what look/reaction. I breifed them in short that I have Neurological disorder and that its nothing to worry about. Ive stuttered, staggered in gait, ive had tics, and even my left side of my face went partially paralyzed for a week. I feel more at ease knowing that they know and that they don't bring it up.

MY real heads up if anyone thinks that being on disabilityis only the choice to have, think again. Find your therapy not what the therapists say. Find an employable or even start your own business even just to show the world you are not disabled but have a disorder you could show people is just something you have.

Im working getting my own auto business for that reason. God bless any comment negative postive or critique is ok.

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That's a great story to hear Matthew.

Bravo to you for being so positive with a life changing condition.

You've proved the skeptics wrong and you should be proud of yourself.

A great inspiring story for the rest of us to read.

All the very best and best wishes for the new year.

Tony and Kim

in reply to LEEJUNFAN

youre welcome

That is a really uplifting post.

I also work. Only a few hours a week. But my limited hours are due to what my mental health can tollerate rather than my physical health. I have only recently found out about having fnd myself, although it is likely i have had it for a decade or more, with changing symptoms.

Doing a few hours a week keeps my thinking about other people, grounded, and gives me a purpose. I often think about just throwing in the towel because it is all too hard. But I never do. Probably because I know deep down inside that I need the benefits I get from working.

It is a fantastic suggestion to find a way to run a business. I did try out one last year, which i could have made work, but for a couple of reasons it wasnt the right time. But it is still something that i can go back to in the future.

It is really good to have something positive to think about like you just posted.

Thank you

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