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Mysterious leg pain

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Has Anyone experience of this?

I think my problems in my legs started four years ago, after spending a life incredibly fit (I am an ex professional horse rider and still walked up to 10 miles per day) I started to get a sensation in my left thigh as if a few muscle fibres were tearing on lifting a heavy weight, the sensation would disappear as quickly as it arrived and left no symptoms or muscle weakness. This continued on for months until one day I ran down the stairs and tore an inch and a half hole through the soleus,gastrocnemius and fascia of my left calf. I had extensive physio but continued to advise that my leg did not feel right but felt as if it would re-tear at any given moment. The doctors and the physio told me that I was wrong and that it was fine. I continued to walk until 19mths later and it re-tore, I also felt at the time that my right calf had also torn in the same place but on ulta sound the left showed the tear but the right showed nothing. I continued with physio until four months later when the leg tore again and then proceeded to get worse. At this time also my leg was a blueish colour and foot cold. Trying any type of rehabilitation immediately resulted in a set back until the same pain came in the right leg and I was on knee pads and crawling with not a good leg to stand on. To cut a long story short, after a succession of private medial tests and MRI scans I am still unable to walk any great length or at full speed. I now suffer with random pains in my thighs and legs, from the feelings of electric shocks to be kicked in the muscles, dull throbbing aches and tenderness. Also my left calf muscle has now deteriorated and my tendon is clearly visible but I have no diagnosis and have been advised that there will not be one forth coming. Whether its related or not I don’t know but I’ve also had hair loss and scalp itch, again investigated but told there will be no diagnosis so it continues on.

I am desperate for help now, I’ve had MRI scans, blood tests, a needle pushed into my muscles to determine the electrical activity, an electrical current held on each nerve, checked out by the vascular surgeon and also my back checked but all drew a blank. The specialists all proclaim that they have never seen the like as all the way through I have held on to full muscle power. Even the pain specialist had never seen it.

All thoughts and experiences are welcome.

Thank you in advance.

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have you seen a movement disorders specialist ?? if the ortho docs have ruled out orthopedic issues for this you should see neurologists ... a movement disorders person ... do medications help ?

I’ve seen a neurologist, he watched me walk, carried out the electrical testing, noted the diminished calf muscle and full power still in my legs and also told me he didn’t know what it was.

I haven’t been offered any meds but I’ve just started cannabis oil to see if that will help as it reduces inflammation and I’m thinking that there must be inflammation somewhere in my body to give symptoms

Does that work? I'm looking into alternative medicine

Cant say yet as Ive only been taking it a weeks nd it takes at least three weeks to get into your system.

i would ask your neurologist to refer you to a movement disorders specialist ... they could tell you if this is coming from the brain and if it is dystonia ... let me know if the cbd helps ... what did you buy ?

Love CBD entourage oil

so do you ingest that or rub it on your skin ?

I spray it under my tongue, too early yet to say if it’s effective.

thanks ... if it helps, let folks know

Yes I will do, from the research that I have done it seems to work best if your condition is influenced by inflammation.

well they just legalized hemp so it should become more affordable

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