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Function neurological symptom disorder with sjogren


Helo I am 22 years old I have been suffering from symptoms since I was 14. I entered hospital alot and did carpal tunnel surgery at the age of 16. My symptoms increased with time and are now in all my body. I have muscle pain all over plus weekness in the right side leg and hand . The weekness began from three years and now from november I cant walk properly I am on physiotherapy and medication for the neuro pain lyrica 75 mg twice per day plus plaquenil 200 mg once per day. I was recently diagnosed with functional neurological symptom disorder with sjogren. I did alot of tests the only positive results were in the biopsy of my saliva glands which showed sjogren. I have dry eyes mouth and vagina. I have problem in breathing which showed restrictive and obstructive disease. Can anyone help me please if you know a better treatment?

Thank u in advance

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I recommend trying slow, easy yoga, because having someone give you instructions slowly will kind of put your brain in a trance, the yoga moves will help stretch out and relax your muscles, and your brain will associate soreness with yoga instead of something benign in your body.

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