Functional movement disorder

HI, I just got diagnosed today with functional movement disorder after 5 months of non epileptic seizures. I also got a call from my Dr that a 24 hour halter monitor showed that my heart rate was way too high, over 160 bpm. My neurologist said that it could be my heart is not pumping enough blood to my brain and therefore causing me to have seizures . Does anyone have any similar symptoms?

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  • I also have a complicated case with both "organic" diagnosis & a "functional gait" disorder.....All though I am not sure that I see how they diagnosed you with a FND when you have positive test results. But stranger things have been seen.

    I do hope they are investigating why your heart rate is high..160 is high at rest.... Did you see a cardiologist? did they determine what is the cause for the high heart rate? I too have heart and lung issues. No seizures, but I would agree if your brain is having reduced blood can cause many issues, including seizures. Same goes to if your heart is having moments of reduced blood flow it that would impact you too. I also in my many diagnosis have microvascular issues impacting my heart.... Do you get chest pains?

  • The biggest issue is that I'm 20 weeks pregnant and this all started from day 1. I never had any other issues before the pregnancy. Everyone is scared to touch me because I can't have a lot of medications. I'm working on getting an appointment with a cardiologist and see where that takes me. Just the knowledge that no one knows what's going on is just terrifying.

  • Did a bit of googling. No replacement for a proper doctor visit, but it can help organize the questions for that doctor.

    This article suggests that a pregnancy will raise your heart rate for a bit. More blood in your system. 160 sounds very high though.

  • JessicaBen

    Just to add to comments from patti86, I too am concerned about the high heart rate. Would seem like investigation of that issue might be appropriate first.

    Might also want to put that into context of your blood pressure readings as far as what is normal and whether you have experienced recent changes.

    I also have complex functional movement disorder with the non epileptic seizures. I have developed problems with low blood pressure and heart rate spikes which are aggravating symptoms of weakness and instability.

    Would be interested to know more of recent history of when you developed abnormal movements and if that corresponded to any noticeable symptoms with your heart such as palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue with exertion, etc.

    Do hope you feel better. There is a wealth of knowledgeable support in this community with people like patti86 bringing more awareness of this complex health issue to us daily.

    Please keep writing. We are here for you.

    Dan / Seattle

  • Thank you all for the support!

    Honestly before I became pregnant I had swollen lymph nodes that didn't move on my neck. I got an ultra sound and they're too small to be amything bit I was told to keep an eye on them. A few weeks later I began to feel faint and get slight jerky movements in my hands which was the start to all these seizures. Just a week ago I had a seizure lasting for 45 minutes! I've stopped working , driving, and at the very beginning was unable to do most things on my own. I had about 9 seizures a day some lasting 10 minutes. It was only last week that I noticed the heart palpitations and I didn't even feel like it was just felt like it was working too hard to pump. I'm seeing a cardiologist on Monday and we'll see what he thinks. I hope it's related so we can treat it with medication

  • JessicaBen.

    Thank you for posting about seeing cardio on Monday. Let them know everything you can remember about onset.

    Hoping for a better day for you.

    Dan / Seattle

  • JessicaBen

    Just saw your note on the pregnancy. Congratulations to you. I feel sure everything will be fine.

    Do want to make sure that you do not lose consciousness or have reduced awareness of your surroundings when you have the movements.

    Dan / Seattle

  • im glad that you are seeing Cardiology. keep us posted on how it goes. Sending positive thoughts

  • Cardiologist wants me to be on a heart monitor for a week and see from there! He doesn't think it's related and this is what I hate. I love all my Dr's dearly but they all say the exact opposite of each other. My ob said 167 resting heart rate is too high and my cardiologist says it's totally fine. I don't know who to listen to anymore:(

  • i think the halter is a great to make sure. hang in there. sending positive thoughts. :-)

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