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I'm curious, do any of you also have EDS and FND?

I have both and I'm wondering if there might be a link between them as some websites mention there are many people with the two co occurring in FND patients. It's a very interesting topic and I'm also wondering, if you have both, how you manage them together? I'm finding it a struggle to keep up with both as I'm receiving intense physio and it's putting a huge strain on my joints. My muscle mass is wasting (not that there's a lot to take off any way) from being bed bound for quite a while now and it's making my joints even more unstable.

I'm also wondering if any of you have been experiencing dizziness and the heart racing when you get up, from FND, or if it might be POTS(often co-occurring with EDS) - and how should I bring it up with health professionals?

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Hello, yest I have POTS and yes lightheaded and heart speeding up. I have to drink drink drink and they want me to have 3 Tbs. of salt everyday, yes salt. It works, so I do it, POTS is much more stable now. Not a water drink so drink unsweet cold tea, yummmmm


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