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No gallbladder

Hey everyone long time since been on had so much going on lots more test , anyway long story short now recovering without a gallbladder yes that's right no more wasn't working causing me havoc with my pacreous so now I'm gallbladder free not pain free , will take me some getting used to but best out than in . I also started seeing a psyh 2 weeks ago he is doing a study in FND only 3 of us that are doing it not even sure how it will go but keep you up to date.

Hope you are all doing well🙏😇🙏😇Ronwyn

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Hi. I had my gall bladder out last year. It takes a little while to recover from the surgery, but you should be fine if you can take it easy. Much harder is cutting out all fats, down to no more than 5gm every hour. I found that if I staggered it, with just a trickle every hour or so, then I could handle a lot more than I could otherwise handle in one go. All the best as you recover.

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