I'm in so much abdominal pain, hot and cold sweat like the flu,pain is like a contraction so intense.. popped to local urgent care told we're not seeing anyone!! Call 111 or drive to lister 20 mins away.... honestly there was staff but no patients there, they could see my tears with the pain and still wouldn't check me. I'm too weak now to do anything so popped more pain killers.. but we all know our bodies so well that I know this isn't normal... the head ache... c'est la vie welcome to the nhs going to try and sleep through the pain and nausea... let's hope gp will see me in the morning 😩

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  • Could this be food poisoning?

  • Though of this but I've not really eaten much this week....nothing that would cause food poisoning anyway.....

  • Norovirus?

    Actually sounds like me when someone slips me dead animal.

    I've been a vegetarian for nearly fifty years. I don't have the enzymes to digest meat or lard....

  • Whatever it is, it sounds horrible!!!

  • Hope you feel better soon , I'm having a rotten week too with night sweats and nausea . Big hugs 🤗

  • Hi just got up had slice of bread back in bed now! Naisea gone but abdominal pain like contractions.... holding breath helps! Now pain up neck hurts to move side to side... think I just want to die and just have some peace...... of course not really but for crying out loud it's enough.... plus side mum just called and told me off for not calling her'. She'll be here Monday if I need her...need to get down stairs and take meds..... it can only get better because if it gets worse I swear I'll hit the next dr who dismisses symptoms to fnd..... sending you all hugs 😫

  • Hope you get some relief soon x

  • You need to call nhs24 if you don't feel better soon x

  • Englishmumof2

    Hang in there. Want you better. Keep bugging docs...

    Love sent.

    Dan / Seattle

  • Hi I'm behind with posts, life etc now. Pain from your stomach up to your shoulders is known as referred pain and comes from an abdominal issue. Usually people with appendicitis or grumbling appendix, get shoulder pain as one of the symptoms. Hope you have seen soneome by now. Can you say where it is exactly on your abdomen as could be inflammation or infection or anything really but if you can be specific with areas docs might take that more seriously.

    I get your frustration I went to hospital with blockage few months back but 999 refused me an ambulance for 4! Hours and I was decribing umbilical pain that was dead centre above my belly button and referred shoulder pain = early signs of appendicitis and the woman on the phone kept saying - so you have a sore tummy, we can't send an ambulance for a 'sore tummy' I got an apology from her manager who also backed her up that night when they played back the call.

    Hope you are feeling better x

  • Holding you in prayer. I too think you need to be seen right away, don't want to mess around with severe pain and nausea. Be pesistant, try to take someone with as an advocate if possible. My last visit to Mayo was so successful I believe because my husband kept saying, she has no quality of life like this. They take the advocate more serious than us, medical profession in whole needs a wake up call to compassion, empathy, and openess, we are not text books...A lot of the pain you are describing I have, and it is my stomach. Came out of no where when it all started, but has progressed so. I too have so many days that I just am ready to be out of this world, most of us share in that, Heaven is a much better place. But until He calls us home, we must fight and fight hard. Stay strong, God Bless All today, Cathy :-)

  • So true so true. The docs never take me serious and even give me strange looks until my boyfriend chimes in and then they write it down. I swear the docs think I'm a hypochondriac because I know what I'm talking about. That seems to make them very mad. I get the stomach pain too. It's like a strong cramping with a very strong burning sensation just below my ribs. I go to the docs and they tell me it's probably a bug and eventually it goes away until the next time. I truly hope you can figure out what's going on with you. I also get cold sweats when this happens. Please keep us updated!

  • Goodness, I get the chills to the bone with it, 85 in the house I'm under blankets with the chills and no fever. Back at Mayo today, they are testing for motility disorder. I will keep you posted. And yes terrible pain and burning but mine is in the lower abdomen and then the swelling and wrenching, so hard. I'm holding you in prayer, I surely empathize.

  • Hugs I wish we could blend bodies... I keep you warm you keep me cool... it's 23' here and I'm melting just had my third wash of the day... on the plus side nurse check my blood pressure is fabulous and my lung capacity has increased nearly 100 points... so my walking is working. It's making me sleep too but that's another issue!! Slept till nearly 1 pm today walked the dog washed million times and now looking at the house thinking " oh no the cleaner comes today I'd better tidy up". But I actually need groceries so I need to decide (ha ha) what to cook kids for dinner... might do roast chicken but it gets hot 😂😂. Hugs hope you get warm soon xx

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