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As you may be aware from my previous posts, I work in a doctors surgery however it is quite a distance from my home. Originally it was fine and I was able to travel on the underground, overground etc however now with this condition I have been told by my GP, neurologist and now my speech therapist that it is too far for me and I need to look for another job nearer home.

I have not returned to work since 30th December due to FNsD and other problems but am due to return on 11th April. I now that I will be having a Return to Work meeting with my employers when I do return. I do not know whether I should tell them that I need to find a job nearer home due to my condition or whether I should just continue and hope my condition does not flare up during the travel and continue with this employer.


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  • Hopefully you have a good employer you can discuss this with and they may have contacts for jobs nearer your area. I know how exhausting travel to/from work is when you are healthy.

    And, because you are in the medical field they are hopefully supportive.

    Discuss all options as we all know we know our own bodies best. Maybe you could even do trial two jobs. Your original part time and one closer by. To ease things a bit?

    Good luck 🤗🤗🤗

  • Thank you very much for your advice. I will take this on board and discuss it with them on my return.

  • Don't tell them that you need to find another job. Do tell them that the travelling is causing you a problem because of your health condition and ask whether there is any way they can help with that -could they allow you to work from home on something - say a project - for a few months, for example? Or reduce your hours or organise them differently, say over fewer days, so that you don't have to do so much travelling?

    Hopefully if you are able to give them some suggestions they will respond proactively too - and in the meantime you can be searching for somewhere closer to home under the radar.

    Very best of luck and hoping the meeting on 11th goes well.

  • Thanks for your response. Unfortunately i work in a doctor's surgery where it is difficult to work from home as most of the work involves contacting patient's or administration. I am on reduced hours at the moment but leaving later in the morning means that i may escape some of the humidity of the underground due to less bodies but returning would mean i hit the rush hour and a more humid environment. Its the length of the journey plus the mode of transport that affects me but i will put those questions to them. Thank you

  • If you're in the UK I would suggest getting I touch with access to work. They should be able to sort out taxis to and from work if your doctors think that the journey on public transport is damaging your health.

  • I currently take taxis to work through the Access yo Work scheme however it is for my back condition which i have had since 2012. In order for this to continue i would need another report or letter from my consultant for any changes to be made which i guess i could try.

    Just anotherquestion though, i have an interview on friday at another GP surgery which is closer to my home however before they approach my employer i think i should let them know that i have been off work and why but also that i am doing alot better now. But also the reason for changing jobs. What do people think???

  • That seems like it might be a good solution if you can carry it on. It might be worth trying it for a few days before you switch jobs.

    Personally, I have taken to not disclosing my disability first. I'm not sure how your field is, but I've had some pretty hideous remarks for prospective employers about my disability so I don't think it is something I'd bring up without being asked or when it is necessary.

  • Hi AngelaB,

    I'm glad to hear you are doing better, that's a great thing!

    As for the fun intricate circus of work we all enjoy so much, I feel that honesty is a good thing. At the same time, your presentation is important too. Your current employer knows the basics already, it's only fair to be able to have an open conversation about this with them. You have received excellent advice already about approaching with ideas or offers, etc. Do what is best for you.

    As for your interview (big congrats on that!), I think if they ask about circumstances of your leaving your job, you can give them the information, but it doesn't have to be a flood. Really, this is about how you feel about it. I have found that when people don't understand the situation, as long as I present in a calm, rational manner they can grasp onto, it's okay.

    It's a tough situation and a tough conversation. We are here for support. I know this is not a definitive answer, but I wish you the best!

    And hey, if it helps, I didn't have the conversation with my employer until I had a full blown attack at work. I also work with doctors, so let's say, it was a very intersting day for all. ...

    Hugs, Andrea

  • Thank for you the advice. I also had a conversation with my employer after an attack. They have never heard of the condition like most doctors and said they would look it up to find out more information.

    I will mention it if they ask about why i want to leave but also think that mentioning the condition might be educational.

  • Good luck and best wishes to you.

    I help my wife who has FND and I'm applying for a new job now to work mornings instead of nights.

    My Employer won't accommodate me for mornings due to health & safety issues.

    It's a cop out because they don't want to upset the apple cart.

    Hope you have better luck.

    Tony & Kim xx😊👌

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