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I was fine one moment, then ill

Hi, I was an active busy self employed guy.

In 2015 just before Christmas i went to open the front door to go out for the day.

As i moved to put the key in the door i got a searing pain that ran up mu neck and into my head. I was unable to hold my head up and had to take to the floor for some type of relief.

Ever since I have been in chronic pain with other symptoms that come and go.

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After a great deal of time I managed to see a neurologist. The conclusion of an MRI scan and tests did not show anything abnormal so have been diagnosed with "Functional Neurological Symptoms".

After this diagnosis and being sent back to the GP, there do not seem to be a great deal of courses to take.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.



The FND label seems to be used by medicine when there is no other immediate explanation for the symptoms. In other words, it is not a "positive" diagnosis of a medical condition but rather more like one that is chosen when doctors have no obvious explanation.

It has left many of us in a quandry as what to do next. This has led us to join this forum and unite to support and help each other as best we can.

You will find the people in this community to be compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive.

We will do our best to help as you come upon any additional facts about your symptoms as you go along.

Onset in people can be sudden and unexplained. I hope things improve for you shortly.

Dan / Seattle



hi phil, sorry to hear what you are experiencing, many of us here will be in similar boat. it can be challenging to find a doctor who understands FND, are you currently under the care of a Nuerologist? where are you from?

can i refer you to site which will be a bit more informative.

I hope others can help you here too.

God Bless



Hi Phil

Might be worth looking into headache more specifically - can your GP refer you to a neuro who specialises in headache? There is on type I have heard of which causes extreme pain and it is related to nerve issues with the joint near the jaw and temple and people have been driven half crazy with it only to find in the end it is eminently fixable...sorry can't remember what it is properly called.

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Hi Malalatete, Andy Glasgow2016 and Houseman

Thank you for your responses, it is nice to find somewhere to ask questions and not wait months for a reply. I will look at the site and also speak to my GP about the nerve issue.

The headaches can come and go but when they do come i have to go lie down in a dark room, and they usually last 24 to 36 hours.

I think like most posts i have read that stress and pressure are major factors. I have been reading some books and sometimes your body can just be saying "stuff it, how else can i tell you to change what your doing".

Maybe the mind and body can think separately, the body trying to point you in the correct direction.

Kind regards



Hi Phil, I agree with Andy and Dan, see if you can get into a Neurologist that specializes in headaches. Have they done an MRI or an fMRI on you to see if there is anything there that could be causing it? I am so sorry, that truly sounds miserable. The closest I have had with that was due to medication I tried to help with my movements. That headache took me out, they are miserable. Best of luck to you, and keep us posted. Everything on here can usually help someone else out in one way or another.



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