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Numbness in hand while driving and numb lips

Hey guys hope today is a better one! So when driving my fingers on my right hand go numb.. I have to shake my hand or bash it on the door or put it on the cold window to get feeling back! Also been getting numb lips too... like when you get a shot by the dentist... comes and goes but often when driving... any of you have this ? I'm hoping it won't affect my ability to drive as that's my rep job down the pan!!!

Thanks in advance !

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Hi I have both of those symptoms but it's my whole arm and whole right side of my face. I haven't driven since August due to seizures. Co - codamol and amitriptyline help to keep it under control. There are no set rules about driving , but for me in my condition it would be very dangerous . I am still off work but like you I need to be able to drive to get to my place of work. Hope it eases up soon . Take care


Hi there

Urgh, I feel your frustration I get this ALOT. I have to knit or draw/paint in intervals which really makes me say choice words lol.

There are lots of conditions listed on the DVLA website, I hope the link (below)helps. The rules are quite tough as you can be fined for not reporting a condition if its revealed following an accident for example, linked to the cause of the accident.

It doesn't mean you will lose you licence but you do need to inform.

I was in the process of losing my licence due to my failed eyesight / peripheral vision when the seizures started so I lost it pretty quickly after that.

You can actually call the DVLA medical team for advice and they are really helpful.

Best of luck x


Brilliant thank you ! I love working and I'm not entitled to claim any benefits until after June next year as I lived in NY for 7 years but have to be back in UK for 2 years before I can get any help even though I'm a U.K. Born and bread lady!! Eye test today hope I pass ! Have a great day xxx


I have ME/CFS and sometimes have a numb nose ! I know another ME person who has the same symptom. At least it doesn't interfere with driving, but suggests something neurological. ME/CFS I think is now thought to be some kind of neuro-immune disorder.

If I push myself, eg drawing, painting or on my laptop, I can feel my hand almost going into spasm and twice when I had travelled a long way over 12 or so hours, my whole body went into spasm for around half an hour leaving me feeling weak and shaky for several days. I look on these symptoms as part of ME, ie exaggerations of usual ME symptoms, and a sign I've pushed myself too far and only complete rest helps. Maybe same for you both ? If so, trying to pace yourself could help not bring on the symptoms. If you get "early warning" symptoms, eg I get tinnitus and ear popping as mine, you can scale down activity if possible right away. Not so easy though if you are working ! Good luck to you both.


Hey guys quick up date.. mentioned the numbness if hands to gp and he did a test and it's carpal tunnel! Have wrist supports now that work!


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