FND and roaming pain

Hi...for many years I suffered from a movement disorder down my left side...I was finally diagnosed as having conversion disorder and underwent 60 biofeedback treatments...All this did was change the symptoms fro movement to partial siezures, Blepharospasms and bouts of aphonia....Over the last year my symptoms have changed into chronic pain which either affects my legs chest or abdomen...It seems to roam and comes and goes at will...I've been to the doctors and specialists many times with no answers....I was just wondering if anyone else gets roaming pain?...My doctor is convinced this fits FND more than the common conversion disorder symptoms

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  • Yes I do I can never seem to pin point pain in one spot as it seems to move say in my leg it be in my calf later on it will be in my thigh or hands , mine seems to be mostly on left side to that's how my neuro diagnosed me

  • Hi I was diagnosed with FND in July. I have had pain/numbness issues with my hands and right arm for a couple of years which seemed to come and go. More recently it has been my right shoulder/neck where I get most pain and my lower pegs which neurologist called restless leg syndrome. I think I'm always aware of discomfort in my neck but the pain is worse some days/times that others, same with the legs. So it definitely seems to vary for me too.

  • I get restless legs a lot and my feet seem to heat up , The worse now is I have so many different things now compared to years ago it started with my left arm weakness and fatigue now I have so many other symptoms seems to be getting worse over time can't understand how it works the brain it self is a puzzle

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