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Enduring with a Smile

Enduring with a Smile

Hi, just a brief introduction. I have been suffer from crazy disease now for close is to 4 years now. I am 100% wheelchair bound. For 1 full year I could no talk now when is I talk i talk with an accent. I have Foreign Accent Disorder. For a time between being unable to speak to talking with accent I had a horrible stutter.

Prior to this I had been a union carpenter. Then I decided at 38 to go back to school and become a perimedic. It was about 1/2 way through this program I got sick and had to drop out. I now am a full time stay at home dad. About 8 months back I won my case and was able to collect my disability. It was a long road but it turned out okay.

I still struggle with simple things like remembering names. I get really tired fast, and have periods where I forget everything. I have a very supportive wife and two very helpful boys that make life fun and enjoyable. I also suffer from neuropathy, I am always hurting. I have tried so much to stop the pain but so far no much has stopped it.

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Sorry to hear you're suffering too but glad to read your keep your smile.

It's a really tough road and I often find myself feeling angry and longing for the normal life I used to lead.

Great to hear you have wonderful supportive family. I'm not sure where I'd be without mine.

Luckily I am still able to walk although I don't go far. I have had periods where I'm unable to talk but for the most part I just stutter or take a while to say what I want to.

Stay strong and faithful :)


I don't think I have any answers but I'm sorry to hear your story and I know how it can feel so difficult. I am praying for your recovery. Have you ever tried amitriptyline? I used to have neuropathy until I started taking a B complex. Have you tried any of the natural or vitamin therapies? They don't solve my problems but they do seem to help. I no longer suffer with neuropathy.


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