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I have tried most everything could this be the miracle cure


I have suffered from this horrible thing the doctors call FND now for five years. I have exhausted much time and money in many modalities, Nutrition, supplementation, hyperbaric chamber, TMS Therapy and many more. While they all have given me some progress I still suffer greatly. Through my extensive research I did stumble across something I thought might be very helpfulI. I wanted to know if anyone else had heard of or thought of or even done what's called an SGB injection. This is given to many war veterans to help with agitation and anxiety As well as many other symptoms we suffer from. Just wanted to know before I do it I have no problem being the guinea pig for everyone else. I am hopeful this will drastically improveMy symptoms. Anyone's thoughts would be greatly appreciated...

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There are no quick fixes with FND. Focus on management but hope the symptoms go away in time.


Keep us updated in how it goes :-)

What does SGB stand for please?

Just Google SGB injection. To my first reply I don't mean to be rude I understand there is no quick fix I been fighting this for four years now. I have tried almost everythingWith little progress. I'm just happy if there is progress. I keep searching for anything that will help. I guarantee I've put more focus on management then you have...

Hi I am planning to try this in the next month or so

There is a clinic in San Diego USA that specializes it, but any pain management doctor can do it. I just finished a lot of research on it. dr john Mulvaney heads research on it with veterans. If you go to his website you can read more safest route is with ultra sound but generally pain doctors will do it with fluoroscopic guidance. Pain doctors administer it it for pain but it is “offlabel” for PTSD. I am hopeful it may reduce the nerve contractions and nerve pain in my neck as well as my chronic state of fight or flight.

Most doctors are unfamiliar with it as abuse for PTSD so need to find a cooperative doc

Thank you for your response I too I'm hoping it will help with My neck pain and chronic fight or flight state. I too had researched many things and thought this was viableI'm glad to knows someone else otherFeels the same way. I've gone through the assessment phase already and have an appointment set for January 3 for the injection. I will let you know how it turns out...

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Hi how did it turn out? Did u get it with fluoroscopic or ultrasound?

Sorry for some reason I wasn’t notified of your response

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