Shaking and stuttering

I have had fnd for over two and a half years now and over the last month or so I have been struggling with shaking in my hands and arms and I am stuttering when I talk. This is something that has never happened to me before and just wanna know if anyone else has had this problem and what they did about it. It is making me very nervous and I'm not what I can do about it. Anyone with anyone advice or thoughts I would be very thankful

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  • Not so much stuttering but my words comes out all jumbled , a lot of us with FND has the same problem , mine mostly happenes when I'm tired or I get to hot for some reason unknown , I haven't had any help yet for it as I'm on waiting list for speech therapy .. I have many symptoms but fatigue and my speech is the ones I hate most .. You are not alone Hun FND seems to be very complicating

  • Thank you Hun

    I'm glad I'm not alone it is very scary thing and it's nice knowing that I am not the only and that there are people out there who understand what I'm going through

    I hope your treatment helps and that it improves your life

    I am going to see my doctor next week and see what treatment I can try

  • No you are def not alone although until I came to this site I felt I was but the support we all get here is amazing cause we all know what we are all going through even if no one else does , I pray you get some help soon to . Sending you a great big hug 🙏🙏🙏

  • Yeah it's a lovely feeling that there is people out there who really understand and can help thank you very much x

  • Hi nicky1993, I am so,sorry you are caught up in this mess as well. So my whole issue started a little over 8 years ago. I lost my voice due to a cold, so I first of all sounded hoarse on and off for the last 8 years. My next symptom was shaking hands and arms flailing about uncontrollably for hours. I wish I could say this has become better, but the shaking has spread throughout my body with myoclonic jerks, dystonia, non epileptic seizures, etc.. My voice has gone from normal to hoarse like I said, but then a few years into this I started to notice that my voice started to take on a stuttering option, as well as slurred a little, to being very inarticulate, and struggle to get words out, and have to think of different words that might be easier to say, to not being able to get words out at all some times. I have tried many medications to see what would help, and currently ropinirole helps me the most with the jerking and shaking but not 100% however I have good times. Unfortunately with the voice and several speech therapists I still struggle with it changing between the options daily, or even minute by minute. I never know what will come out.

    Now,this isn't to say that speech therapy won't help you, you need to try. My hoarseness was diagnosed as muscle tension dysphonia originally, but the muscle spasms mix in with it, causing the other issues, and my therapist is now at a loss.

    I sure wish you the best. Keep trying everything, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, speech therapy, medications, etc., the one th8my that has helped with my shaking is finding something to focus On. I love to draw and have found that when I pick up my pencils, that focus calms things down greatly, and i almost completely stop shaking, jerking etc.

    I would love to chat more online with you if you would like about this. My email is I wish you the best in this.

    I am grateful for the drawing to help with the movements, but the voice can be so frustrating. My heart just breaks for you because I am there with you. Prayers and hugs your way, don't give up, keep trying anything!!!


  • Thank you Cheryl

    I'm glad I'm not the only one as I was scared it was something not to do with the fnd

    I'm so sorry your struggling too sounds like you have been finding things hard for a few years

    Am going to see my doctor next week and see why options I have I been too scared to do it but it's getting worse and it's not something I can hide

    Thank you for all your help xxx

  • Count me in on both accounts, the shaking or tremors are the worst for me, especially the internal ones. My hands shake so bad most of the time that to grab things become difficult especially smaller items. I dont know why the stuttering but this too has been more recent, and I have had this almost 20 years. Saying a prayer right now, God Bless, Cathy

  • Hi I'm sending you all healing hugs and hopefully someone in the medical profession can help ASAP xxx

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