Have a good weekend

Since being ill late last year, I've taken up hobby (on the good days) of making short films & photographs. I don't want to share too many with you on here but I thought this might be nice for you to see to brighten your day... it's a beautiful secret garden in Edinburgh (:

Had some improvement very recently.... hallelujah ! Answered prayers.

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  • What a gorgeous place! Well done thank you for sharing 😊

  • You're welcome. Just nice to have some light hearted stuff as well sometimes :)

  • It's beautiful, so relaxing and you've filmed it so well I feel like I'm there. Thanks for posting it!

  • I was sitting watching the pouring rain here in north Wales and clicked on your film! It was lovely to switch my mind for a few minutes to that beautiful garden. Thank you!

  • You're welcome... happy to be a blessing... have a great day x :)

  • Hi 🙋 there!

    My wife has fnd and a throat disease and we're always travelling out far to see new places and we're on our way to Bakewell as I write.

    We love the Countryside as it's so relaxing and soothes the soul and we would move there tomorrow if we ever win the lotto.

    Secret gardens are so appealing and we love the late American artist Thomas Kinkade as his Cottage paintings are so fairytale like.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely video which was very warming and we wish you all the very best.

    Kim & Tony xx

  • I like Thomas Kincade too he had a gallery in Edinburgh before he passed and I have one of his postcards framed. Glad you enjoyed do enjoy your day in Bakewell :)

  • Thank you so much.

    Any chance of showing the post card

    if you don't mind.

    Please keep in touch.

    Thank you.

    Kim & Tony 😊

  • I can't see how to attach a pic :(

  • May I leave you my e mail if that's ok?

  • Just seen it.

    lovely photo.

    Many thanks again.

    Kim & Tony 😊

  • Yes Praise the Lord for answered prayers and all that we have is from His hand. I see your love of flowers in this film, it is shared by myself. Thank you for a beautiful video to start this day. You have great talent, and your heart for Him shines through it. :-)

  • Bless you and thanks :)

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