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Do you Have Stinging, Burning Sensations

I have an intense, stinging, burning, momentary flash-sensation (all at one time) from head to toe, every morning as soon as I awake, and most every night when I lay down. It is very, very uncomfortable. It feels like a buildup of chemicals inside, that is instantly released all over, at the same time. I also have the "pins and needles" sensation all over (and especially my scalp) when I get hot. It is so intense that I can't stand it. I can not tolerate heat. I also experience constant body temperature dysregulation. (I began menopause 7 years ago.) The bottom of both feet also often burn. I can not tolerate loud noises, and anything that quickly startles me makes my limbs and body begin to jerk and my speech become mechanical and slurred, and often unable to speak or walk. I can not bear to be startled. I also have several times every day a "rush" in my head when I stand up. It feels like the blood is quickly draining from my head, causing significant brain fog, and inability to walk and talk. It last 2-3 minutes, but happens 10 - 15 times per day, at least. I agree that the doctors do not have a clue what they are talking about, nor do they want the responsibility of treating these type of symptoms. However, I have come to the conclusion that these symptoms are a result of neurological damage. I did not have any of these symptoms until I was prescribed Methyldopa for my severe blood pressure. When I told the doctor that prescribed the medication, that all 4 of my limbs are ballistically (violently) jerking simultaneously for many hours nonstop, only after I began taking this medicine, his precise words were "you need to find another doctor". He never saw me again..The doctors I've seen since then, do not have a clue about this, and frankly they don't care. Yes, they really don't care. I've started taking vitamins. I've noticed that adequate sleep at night helps, but does not make the symptoms go away. Adequate sleep at night only helps me feel somewhat stronger, so I can deal with the symptoms the next day. By the end of the day, I'm so tired and weak that my symptoms are much worse. I feel on the edge of falling apart again, physically and emotionally. (I am a highly educated, working professional. I am not mentally unstable.) Again, it seems to me that my symptoms are from neurological damage, and they began after I started taking Methyldopa, for my blood pressure. Of course, the doctor wants no responsibility and I'm left with no recourse and a lot of symptoms to struggle with each day...

If you have any of these symptoms, will you please reply? Thanks so much.

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Hi there I've been going through the menopause as well with FND. I recommend a really good book by Gillian Ford called Listening To Your Hormones. I am amazed at the diversity of issues that you can have Menopause and some of the things to you talk about are related specifically to Menopause which I didn't know until my last appointment with the specialist in Menopause.

For example the rush you discuss can be part of the hormonal drop and also related to hot flushes. I may have misunderstood you but it does sound more like prickly heat than just pins and needles but certainly I have found vitamin therapy very successful. Very annoying though isn't it? I was amazed at how many of your body systems can start to go a bit haywire at menopause as oestrogen is basically involved in every process in the body and as it starts to drop (especifically if some women have more oestrogen receptors than others) you can have all kinds of health issues. The book so will do a better job of explaining than me. I want to try and get another copy of it as I just borrowed it from the local library. It's something worth referring back to.

Anyway I had pins and needles and a B complex helps with that and I don't have it at all anymore. Also vitamin D has been helpful and evening primrose oil. I also use a natural HRT cream called Menogest. It has been fantastic with hot flushes etc. I buy it from America which is believe it or not cheaper and quicker and safer. I am in the UK but ordering under £15 including delivery means I don't pay Customs charges. The pot of cream can last different amounts of time depending on how far along you are. However it's pretty reasonable and costs about £6 a tub inc delivery. Way more effective than mainstream HRT which is made from horse urine. This is alien to the body whereas natural progesterone cream is bioidentical.

Other ones are much more expensive and I haven't found them as good. Not sure that all the things you have relate to Menopause but it's worth looking at this book as I found it a complete revelation. I certainly think the FND is related to the hormones as well and I've written some other posts on here over the time I've been on the forum. I've also got a Blog if you google Menopausal insomniac but I'm not sure of all of it would help you but it might be worth a look.

Personally I think FND is caused in my case where the brain is running too fast and using too many nutrients that the body can't replace quick enough at least in part. For example, I've even got hormonally related asthma which I still can't believe.

Hope some of this is of help to you anyway and I hope that you get some really good answers. Problem is I think doctors now specialise rather than looking at the person holistically and that can cause quite some difficulties. The health system is overwhelmed in this country anyway. I found all of my break through through prayer and research leaving my doctors saying how well I've done in self care. Are only a couple of prescribed meds that help me and then just relieve some of the issues rather than resolving them.


Oh and the startling that you mention resolved for me when I took them Menogest. I also was very noise sensitive until then as well. I think this just makes the FND situation worse but I leave it with you to see what you feel.

I also get the slurred speech but more when I'm stressed and it does just come and go and doesn't bother me now.


Yes I get the burning sensations in my hands and feet it's like I've been in the snow


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