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Conversion Disorder

I have FND off work at this stage until the workplace sends me to an occupational doctor to make an assessment on my safety.

I have a Rare condition known as FND conversion disorder where I will collapse very suddenly infront of my workplace manager to the extent that they will need to call an ambulance.

This has been getting worse as in the last four years it has been seven managers whom I am suddenly colapsing infront of.(workplace bosses)

Two off which are still working with us however under direct orders from my doctor we need to be separated.

There is a direct connection between management aggression and hostility in the workplace and my response to an environmental stimuli.

With one manager I will collapse instently as soon as she enters into the room.

I am currently off work as new health and Safety regulations have come into effect where companies can be fined large amounts of money for injury.

Last collapse was two weeks ago infront of a manager who had yelled at me at an extreme level in anger.

Now I will collapse very time I see him.

Doctors believe this is due to a past trauma.

Any replies

Off work on disability allowance

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Are you getting any psychological input for you reactions? It's a very extreme reaction to confrontational behaviour. I would love to hear from you when you have had this treatment to know how it helps abate your collapses.

I can understand why you are off work. Would you be able to cope in a different work environment that is inherently less confrontational?

Have you had any treatment?


Thank you for your reply

It has been diagnossed that working in the same environment in a new location will benifit me tor the short term but the symptoms will reappear.

Possibility of a completly new environment less confrontational I may benifit.

At this stage treatment with emdr

My symptoms are caused by bad managment at work

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How were you diagnosed and what type of doctors did or do you see?

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The type of doctors were all psychiatrists and psycologists.

The treatment is EMDR therapy which should reduce conversion symptomology and there fore allow myself to be able to control the conversion effect.

What have you tried and what works for you

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