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Cause of FND maybe?

I sent this question to Dr Stone today... what do you think?

I had early menopause when I started my FND as well maybe 18 months before and that's recently been confirmed on a very recent visit with the menopause clinic though it took a while (7 yrs). Given that there are lots of connections to the brain with progesterone and oestrogen and particularly the thalamus which could be involved in FND, I wondered whether you thought it was a possibility that it could be some kind of oestrogen sensitivity? I already know that some women for example can have an easy Menopause and others it's calamity on multiple body systems.

We already know that progesterone helps brain injury (helps my FND) and progesterone can be converted by the body into oestrogen if needed. I use menogest cream which supports oestrogen also. Very helpful along with other vitamins supplements which seem to just better support the brain which feels to me like it's working overtime. Draining it's resources faster.

So they know the connection between oestrogen more and the brain and oestrogen receptors on the thalamus which could explain a lot and brain could be already working overtime through the normal process as well with FSH processes etc at meno or other poss hormonal fluctuations. We also know that Menopause can strike even in the teenage years.

I note that PMS, IBS and painful periods are all the signs of oestrogen sensitivity too I think (more individual oestrogen receptors perhaps or lowered oestrogen I just don't know) and can be a symptom of FND. I had all these prior to meno.

There is an adrenal connection here to FND etc but I don't know exactly how but of course they are linked to hormonal input as well.

Oestrogen involved in the Serotonin process as well.

Anyway it's just got me thinking as I've done quite a lot of anatomical studies since I became ill when people didn't have answers for me. But when things start to join up the dots I think it becomes very interesting, what do you think?

I shared a while ago the connection between the progesterone link with someone who is studying neurology in New York, I forget who know, but they were very interested in what I'd found out.

Anyway I've been told I'm pretty good at self management which is the result of much prayer, perseverance and research! If I'm right I'm not taking the credit but I do if I'm wrong lol.

I look forward to hearing from you anyway and thanks for reading this!


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I forgot to say that both men and women have oestrogen in their body systems as well.


Hi Rachh8,

This makes really interesting reading. May I ask a question about oestrogen I take the pill which contains oestrogen do you think this may contribute towards my FND diagnosis?

Best wishes x


No but it could mean that you are more oestrogen sensitive reinforcing the theory. I was on the pill before I got ill and got sicker when I came off it. So I was given the pill because I had symptoms of oestrogen deficiency I think (higher Progesterone maybe) or greater need for oestrogen but had mild, perhaps somewhat masked, FND symptoms before I came off the pill. When I came off the pill issues really kicked in.

Think pill cessation caused early menopause for me which then caused a kaleidoscope of body system issues inc at highest end neuro. I heard back from Dr Stone who said these things are all interconnected but it's hard to pin down or pigeonhole one area. However I do think this is a very interesting connection.

Thanks for contributing 👍☺☕


I also believe fnd to have biological roots to its cause. My cycle stopped when my seizures kicked in and that's 13 months with nothing but don't know if night sweats, aching joints etc are due to menopause or fnd, I'm 48 so perhaps I should ask for a blood test.

I've put on half a stone and I'm constantly hungry and feeling sick a lot of the time and feel rotten if I don't eat. Defo think they need to stop focusing on psychological aspects and CBT and look more into chemical reactions etc

Best wishes



I believe this as well, as well as contributing factors such as being predisposed to it, stress, and anxiety.

My 1st round of this hit when I started perimenopause.

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I'm looking into probiotics at mo with which I've had some success. Acidophilus low dose Holland and Barrett.


I don't believe menopause has anything to do with FND, but its possible.


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