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Struggling to understand

This is all new to me. 6 weeks ago i was admitted to hospital with my left leg having weakness. Over night it stopped working, i could feel severe nerve pain in it and feel the bottom of my foot, couldnt move my left leg at all. I spent just over a week in hospital with every blood test and scan saying there was nothing wrong, it has been very frustrating and emotional. I was sent home with 2 crutches and told to learn to walk. It took 4 weeks to get off crutches and learn how to move my left leg. My foot still doesnt work but i am able to walk with ease somedays and others with struggle. I am finaling returning to work after 7 weeks off but there are many things i still cant do. Being awake for 8 hours is hard work and seeping at night can ve impossible even with an adjustable bed and heaps of meds. No one knows if my foot will ever move when i tell it too. The one thing my doc knew was that if i ddnt think about it my leg would move but if i thought about it wouldnt move. Walking and bending my knee are the only things i can get my leg to do when i tell it to. 

Sorry for rambling but this has been my one and only thought. I am due to see a psychologist in a few weeks, cause apartently this is all stress related. I am far beyond breaking point. Any advice would be great. 

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Welcome to the world of FND! Many of us would have a similar story.. Some with a trigger point or a place we can pinpoint why it occurred eg car crash.. And for others.. It just happened! 

My advice and found this from personal experience.. Try going swimming just to do exercises and get your leg moving freely. It's great you've been able to learn to walk again as some people can take ages! 

Seeing a physcologist can work for some and not for others. Am hoping you find it helpful. It's brill that you haven't found yourself using a wheelchair or still stuck on crutches. 

The fatigue I can understand... Are you on medication for the pain too or just left with coping. You've done extremely well compared to others so be encouraged on that! 


My GP thinks it started due to my chronic back and left leg pain. Inalso have disc disease in L4 to L5. I am on heaps of medication not only for this but for a ovarian cyst rupture last week, the scary thing is that when my back is really bad my left leg gets week and hardly moves.

I regularly go swimming now and hit the gym with my personal trainer. 

Thanks so mych for the advice, you got me through a hard time. I am hoping physcologist helps, being a nurse I have learnt to bottle things up.

I am in the long process of finding something at the gym I enjoy doing as I cannot row anymore. 

My new rule for everyday is think positive, prepar for the worst. 


Glad to see you are positive and doing good things to press on through! 

You have same disc issues as me and leg and other things too! Medication can sometimes be great but it can also cover up what you can do and therefore if you do too much it'll leave you a wreck for a while. Keep an eye out on here as I'll soon be setting up a YouTube advice channel for FND and my recovery story and a place to get tips on how to live with it and how to not let it rule you! 

God bless



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