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So my GP has given me a referral to see a psychiatrist. I was wondering if anyone knew of

a GP anyone working in the medical field in the Melbourne area who I could contact

to help with my symptoms. Lately I did this amazing post about how I had to treat myself

and design my own treatment programs but I was wondering if anyone knew of

a person who has dealt with FND patients who I could be referred to. I am finding my symptoms

have flared up (I cannot do hydrotherapy because the pool closes until mid January)

I wanted to start the new year with at least one person in Melbourne or I am considering other states

who either has researched FND, is a specialist in this area or a Neurologist who can help. I thought I had the strength to do it on my own, but I think I need to help of a trained doctor. Any suggestions very welcome! It is not a Happy Christmas as I cannot participate in any festivities due to the pain.

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You could try these people. They were recommended by members of the FNDHope Facebook group. Should you wish to join, please go to the homepage of

Professor Richard Kanaan

Neurobehavior Clinic

Austin Hospital


Fax a referral letter to (03) 9496 2097 or

Telephone Repat Outpatients reception on (03) 9496 2444

Dr. Sanil Rege

Positive Physiology

Mornington (suburb of Melborne), Australia

(recommended by Andrew Hine, October 2013)

Also check out the FND Hope AU/NZ Facebook page. It's a secret closed group just for Aussies with FND, so it seems that you qualify. There is a file in that group that lists people in the Melbourne (and other areas) who have been helpful. You never know, there could already be a member who lives near by. The last person (I think) to join that group found someone who lived within scooter distance of where he lived!

To join the group, send a private message to Chriss Eldau and ask to join.

so sorry I don't wish you well with your enquirer's. hope you manage to enjoy the festive fun all the best 2016 love Jill xxx

Thanks all I contacted Professor Kanaan, however they are closed over the Christmas Period and do not open until the 11th of Jan. Also he is half way across the other side of Melbourne to where I live, which is in Albert Park. So I wrote asking does he know of, have heard of, could possibly recommend anyone at all, with any knowledge about the DSM-5 changes. The reply I got back was sorry we are closed until 11th of January. I should move to England, at least then I would have been treated by a professional with knowledge and at the very very least, had some of my symptoms helped with. It is not getting better by itself. Does a broken leg just magically heal? No. It doesn't, but God forbid the body comes up with something that was not in the medical text books.

Also I can't find the link to the Australian FND support group, on Facebook. I am on the general one. Just can't find how to get to the Australian one.

Send a private message to Chriss Eldau, or send me your Facebook name (my name is Vivienne Waterworth, Brisbane Australia, or email me at vivienne at somatoformaustralia dot org) and I'll ask her to invite you. It's not publicly advertised for some reason, perhaps to keep it a secure and safe place for people to vent.


This is my first time here

Yesterday I saw a specialist prof Kanaan for the first time . He runs a clinic at Austin hospital . You have to be referred by your psychiatrist.

He stated for the first time he can help! Finally!! I found someone.

There is a waitlist so the quicker the better. I had to wait some months.

I hope that helps



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