Functional Problem vs Psychological Problem

Question: I am seeing my family doctor on Monday and he is willing to do anything to help me with my FND condition. Is there any specialist that he could send me to to help him determine if my FND is a functional problem with no psychological trauma vs one with psychological trauma that is causing the symptoms? I have already seen mental health professionals over the last five years but we cannot find the psychological trauma that is causing the symptoms.

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  • Hi

    Ive been referred to Dr Gary Price who is a Neuro Psychiatrist at UCHLondon who Im sure will be able to help.

    I also reached out to a Neuro Psychologist recently who said it wasn't his area of expertise and asked me to contact the NHS talking therapies which was wholly inappropriate. The Psychologist also said there was no specialist services for FND so its a case of finding someone with experience and an interest.

    There is a long waiting list for Dr Price clinic but in my experience you might be waiting as long and with more trauma having been sent to a number of consultants who havent got a clue.

    Im sure other folks have a view as well they can add to this.

    Hope all goes well.

  • I had a similar journey to the other comment on here though I only read it briefly cuz I'm rushing a bit. I went to see a neuropsychologist who had no idea what to do with me and I had to wait quite some time to see a neuro psychiatrist but he's been brilliant and seems to know exactly what he's doing and the best consultant to do with this condition. He came up with answers and ways forward that no other specialist has done and I've seen more than 15 over the years. Hope it helps God bless x

  • I will mention this with my doctor.

  • Hi

    I don't know if you live in Scotland but the UK expert Consultant is Dr Jon Stone, Neurology Department, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh.

    Hope you find someone.


  • There are other treatment centres in London, however as I live in Australia, I can't remember their names. There are at least 2 world renowned neurologists who are very familiar with non-psychological treatments for FND, including Dr Hallett.

    Check out Dr Stone's website and - both have a a lot of information about what FND is, and ways of living with it and reducing/managing symptoms.

  • I am being sent to team of neurologist who deal with weird neurological symptoms. I live in Canada.

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