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Dr.s Visit

Dr.s Visit

Good Morning All, I had posted yesterday in a reply that I was scheduled to have an emg yesterday. I was quite concerned that I would have a horrible dystonic storm as a result of the needles going into the muscle. I have to say my heart was beating so fast because I was so nervous about the whole thing. But Praise the Lord, the only thing that spasmed was my left foot, the one that they were testing. The Neuro was even shocked by the severe spasm. They discovered that my L5 nerve is pinched off. They were testing to see if the malfunction in my foot was from my brain or my back. Now we know it is my back. They have needed to do back surgery for sometime, but because of the problems I have with anesthesia we have put it off. I have terrible dystonic problems when under anesthesia and the Dr. is very worried about me losing my airway. The neuro yesterday said he can understand that after seeing what my foot did. So all in all a great praise, just to know what it is, and made it through with shining colors. God BLess you all today. Cathy

Posting a picture of me today to put a face with the name. It is a picture of me out with a few of my friends, I am the one in front with the brown sweater and brown hair, second in from the left. :-)

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Well hi there Cathy, in person ! : )

So glad it went well for you and you at least know that your back is responsible for some of your troubles.Of course, it is a huge decision whether to run the risk of surgery with your dystonia - is there a way to do it without full anaesthesia ?

Kind regards, Angela x


Hi Angela, They have to put me under all the way. The back is really bad at this point and I would need hardware put in. My anesthesiologist said he would have to put me on a ventilator to protect my airway, but he is also afraid that I might spasm and hurt the surgery itself. Its a very tough decision, right now I will continue to hold out. The Dr.s think that my bladder or bowels could be affected by the back sooner than later and then I will no longer have a decision to make. But until then I will go with it the way it is. Thank you for responding and caring. God BLess you this evening, I hope today was a good day for you. :-)

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