Neuropsychologist visit

So I told him all my worries and concerns... he asked about my symptoms so I showed him my burns on my hands... he was rather shocked..showed him my hand tremors which got worse when I closed my eyes!!! He said... you've deteriorated since our last visit... he didn't expect me to have got so bad as he was looking to discharge me on this visit! So.... plan... take my ssri every day... if I rest during the day use the sofa not the bed.... set a time to go to bed, read 15 mins before bed. If after 20 mins still awake then get up wonder around a bit then read again. For stress practice the breathing and other things he will send to me along with mindfulness.... take time for me because without me everything will fall apart...he offered sleeping meds but I said no as my body fights it so I end up with no sleep.. plus my husband is a heavy sleeper and I need to be able to wake if the fire alarm goes off or kids get sick!!! So that's the plan


Put me first

Sleep routine

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  • Sounds good and at least he is taking you seriously. I always have a nap on the couch and keep bed for night. Due to bad back though I think.

    Do you want a laugh.

    Arms and hands are doing the shaky, don't want to work thing today. Partly due to too much physical stuff, I don't have a housekeeper and butler (must look into that) and I had to go to a meeting today and was just exhausted.

    Came home, I use eye drops and a spray for my mouth for the Sjögren's as have dry eyes mouth. The mouth spray is supppsed to help produce saliva.

    I missed my mouth as arm refusing to do what it's told and sprayed my cheek instead.

    I now have the beautiful skin of a teenager but am still thirsty 😆

  • Ha ha ha your too funny!! I hate doing the eye drops and missing and dropping them down my face or down my bra!! Or hair spray 😂. On the plus side I had my hair cut by someone who knows how to cut curly hair and I've washed it today (first time in 10 days 😭) and it looks fantastic 🤗

  • Iv always been clumsy but now it's just ridiculous 😂

  • I hate it when the Biotine mouth spray misses my mouth and gets my cheek or bounces off my teeth. My dry 'whatever' follows a very predictable pattern. Dry eyes are really bad, but only during the night. I need the extra lubricated gel that comes on a script and is doubly better than the same brand, almost the same package and name as the non-script, OTC gel.

    Dry mouth is never during the night and only annoying most days. Never during the night...but if I dare to sit in our car, the dry mouth almost instantly turns my mouth and throat into velcro, and separating the membranes is extremely painful, making almost impossible to talk or even swallow. This causes some temporary changes in the membranes in the mouth and throat, and sometimes my lips, that make them feel quite different in texture and are quite painful for up to 48 hours or more, not good at all. I always carry Biotine spray with me, everywhere I go.

  • Nonono.

    Put me first THEN relax and whatever else. :)

    I'm being silly, but it is interesting that you managed to Put Me First second on the damn list.

    I call you on this, dear, because I'm guilty of that myself. Hehehe.

  • Englishmumof2

    Take care of #1. That is you. OK to sleep. Sleep is good.

    Dan / Seattle

  • 😍

  • Hey, SSRIs actually make me worse, a lot worse. A very common side effect of them is jaw clamping, where the muscles in the jaw clamp shut. It's different to a cramp or spasm, because the clamping makes the jaw and neck (and other muscles around the body) bulk up very quickly, like in just hours, I guess like taking steroids, though I've never taken them. But this bulking up of the muscles is amazingly fast.

    I usually only last about 36 hours from first taking a half dose before I have to stop taking them, at risk of breaking teeth, swallowing my tongue and crunching all the bones in my neck from the muscles simply clamping shut.

    Even SNRIs do really bad things to the muscles in my body...leading to an increase in seizures, as well as the jaw and other muscles clamping down tightly.

  • My first ssri was awful made me so down I lost my personality didn't leave the house or sofa for 6 weeks... this new one is working

    Well for my jolts!!

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