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Flexible Cystoscopy

Have a flexible Cystoscopy tomorrow, was wondering if anyone could advise what to expect? ? E.g. how painful, how long the entire appointment will last my appointment letter does not have too many details

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It’s lasts about 5 mins, its more uncomfortable than painful, they use at my hospital an anaesthetic gel, then put the camera in, you have to press down as if you are passing water when they are inserting it, makes sure you drink plenty of water after, to stave off infection, good luck


It's not painful a little uncomfortable they use a anaesthetic gel the worst part is wanting to per can be a little sore afterwards.I have one done every six months.Good luck


My husband has had a few of these ...only problem for him is risk of infection after... Had it on Friday and wasn't offered intravenous antibiotics and now has infection....clear of cancer but has infection....but you should be fine.


Uncomfortable but over in 5 minutes. I have one every 6 months. I am usually

uncomfortable for few weeks after the procedure as I am stressed before the

test. Did you take antibiotics the night before and the day after?


I have been having one every six months for the last 12-15 years and have had no problems at all. It is not painful, I just find it embarrassing but I am grateful that it is available to me xxx

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Flexible cystoscopy procedure is generally quite painless and interesting to watch on the screen as it happens!

Try to relax and watch the progress. Fascinating.

After effects vary from patient to patient. Generally quite mild,. I tend to temporarily loose some bladder control for 24 hours or so, but then all returns to normal ( whatever that is!)

As with most of these procedures I find that anticipation is the worst part.

Best of luck.

You can do it.



Thanks all, it went fine didn't really hurt and only lasted a minute or too...was kind of fascinating watching on the screen!


How did it go? All clear? Or something there? 🤞


Dockerdave is mostly correct....I say do not press down at first....wait until the probe is about to enter the bladder- at that point you can press down as if to urinate so it is easier for the probe to enter the bladder....5 minutes including the time it takes to insert the numbing gel....Had first one 6 yrs ago and many many more since- 2 operations to remove the cancer and many BCG infusions afterwards. Breathe and relax as much as possible. Worst past is the worry beforehand.


i have this every 6 month, it is not sore, just a trifle uncomfortable. some doctors hardly give the lidocaine gel time to work though, needs at least 90 seconds to be effective. I find I need to P at least 3-4 times in the hour immediately afterwards


Everyone is telling you the truth ... Uncomfortable but not that bad. I have one every 6 months .. Ive had tumors in my bladder removed on 3 different occasions.


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