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What happens next?

My 82 yr old step father has been diognosed with invasive BC. We have met with his consultant & the options are removal of the bladder (which given his age & general health doesn't look likely) or 6 weeks of radiotherapy. My concern is how we are able to manage his aftercare - my mum is 74 & registered disabled. I live locally but can only realistically help outside work (I've been on compassionate leave for the last 5 weeks)

Can anyone give any advice as to what help might be available to them as my mother cannot cope on her own emotionally, mentally or physically.

Thanks in advance


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Have you discussed with your doctor a home based package where carers would call several times a day? Try contacting the Macmillan nurses, I have found them to be very supportive. I have bladder cancer with secondaries on my lungs and have a catheter in since December 2015 which is changed every 12 weeks by a district nurse trained for this task, if I have any catheter emergency issues they are available 24-7. I have had Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy treatments last year and currently there is no active cancer in my body. I am 73 and supported by my wife and daughter, we are fortunate enough to be able to do most things for ourselves. Hope you get the help and peace of mind you need. God bless. I am living in Belfast.


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