Blood clots

Hi all, my husband was urinating blood and never thought nothing of it. I pestered him to get it checked out and the dr put him forward to an urologist. He gets the test done on the 10th January. We haven't told anyone yet as we want Christmas & New Year over and done with. And no point scaring them til we know for sure. The blood goes away for a few days and then comes back but last night he passed a small blood clot. Dr says himself it's great possibility that it's BC as his mother had it and all other tests came back negative. Question is, is the blood clots normal I hate using google to research things as they scare us even more, prefer to ask people that have been through this and are still going through it. Is there sites that we can use to research this evil thing as I can't find any that are of any use.

Thanks karen x

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  • Karrie2103

    I discovered I had bc 12 months ago following 2 bouts of blood in my urine. I have since been given the all clear after 12 months of treatment so don't assume the worst just yet! The clots happened to me as well, as if there is a fair bit of bleeding and it is not all urinated out, blood clots and eventually forces its way out through the Penis. Good luck and keep us updated!

  • That's great news Julib. Hope all stays good with you. Thank you x

  • They are taking their time to deal with this! I passed blood and everything was dealt with within 10 days.

    Blood clots are quite common. They don't hurt when being passed but they can be quite large which is is a bit scary!

    Hope he is OK - keep us all posted.

  • Hi Graham. Thanks that puts us at ease a little. He had an original appt 10 days after being to the doctors but they sent it to our old address. When he called up the 10th was the next available appt. bummer but nothing we can do but wait now. We trying to stay positive but it's not easy as you know yourself. Nights seem to be the worse when the head works overtime. It's a waiting game now.

  • It's certainly a head thing! I hope it's nothing untoward but you will soon know. If it is BC then there is quite a choice of treatment available dependant on stage etc.

  • At Bladder Cancer Canada we have a number of resources to review - you can check it out on our site at

  • Hmmm not sure which country you are in but this is the script, if I were you I would of opted for a cystoscopy straight away surprised your GP hasn't done this, painless really and they will know virtually straight away if it is bladder cancer. If it is treated really early on it has a very good outcome, ie curative. If the cancer spreads into the muscle wall of the bladder not so good and if it gets out....not good at all...... Routine urine sample with me, urine like mineral water but blood was found, cystoscopy and within 5 seconds of entering my bladder he told me to get changed go and see him. Interesting was his first comment, bladder cancer the second.......treated within a month and now have annual check ups which so far have been clear. My advice is get there and don't dely....hope all goes well.


  • I had a tumor removed in December 2015, had Radiotherapy in February and Chemotherapy started in late April to tackle secondaries on my lungs, in early Sept I started passing blood and after a few weeks it was a daily occurrence, I spoke with the Oncologist who red flagged be back to Urology within weeks I was brought in for a TURBT under a general anaesthetic, after the procedure I was told there were 3 leaking blood vessels which he sealed, thankfully the bleeding stopped. We need to bring these to the doctor as soon as possible, for me it turned out to be a simple repair. The biopsy result was clear with no active cancer in the bladder, I am due a scan again on 20th January to check the lungs, the last scan in September (my 3rd) showed the Cancer on the lungs was stable, I am praying for a better for a better result again. Keep a very positive spirit, praying for you.

  • Hi Karen and husband

    I had blood and blood clots too a year ago. I can only agree with all the other comments that the sooner the check up the sooner the treatment can start. I'm thankful my BC was caught early and grateful for support from family and friends and this great site and forum. Stay calm and hydrated with water ( and green tea) and try not to think the worst.

    Wishing you all the best for a good outcome


  • I agree too. My partner was just diagnosed with BC in October 16.

  • It is common with bladder cancer for blood to appear and then disappear

    for awhile. My cancer is t1 highly aggressive. No muscle invasion. If it hasn't

    invaded the bladder BCG treatments are the way to go, High success rate.

    Not to worry as there are a lot of options. Wishing your husband the very best.

  • Hi Karen

    Good luck with the test for your husband. It does sound like BC is a possibility, but let's hope it's something less serious. If it is BC, then it's all about getting the best treatment as quickly as possible. For information, try the Cancer Research UK website, which is really informative. BC treatment and prognosis depends on how far the tumour(s) have penetrated into the bladder wall. The majority of cases are curable, so stay optimistic.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you all. Appreciate all your info. Happy new year each of you and hope all goes well for everyone. X

  • Well the examination has been done. The husband gets a TURBT next Friday to cut away the tumour or as he calls it 'my wee cauliflower' checks to be done every 3 months. Thank you all for your advice and wishing you all the best of luck. X

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