Terrible taste in my mouth

Hi could anyone tell me if they had a terrible taste in their mouth I can't seem to get rid of it,am going for my first camera procedure next week and am so worried I felt fine then I started passing blood for four days I went to the doctor I had no infection just a dull ache in my lower back could kidney stones cause this am worried it's cancer Thankyou for any advice

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  • Sorry to hear about your bad taste in your mouth, I can't say that has happened to me at all. Are you taking any drugs yet because usually it's those that give you bad taste? Don't worry too much, everyone thinks the very worst when something starts happening in their bodies but often it's manageable and not as bad as they think. I have been clear for a year now and had tumor removed but didn't have any medication so in my case,I was luckier than I expected and you may be too.

  • Thankyou for the reply no am not on any medication,am so glad you are clear and I hope you enjoy many years of good health I will keep you informed what happens on Friday am just thinking the worst but I'll manage.

  • keep strong Kimberley, stay positive this will help you through this. I had a tumour removed from my bladder earlier in the year and a session of chemo. They also found things on the gynae side which have all come back good. It takes it out of you mentally to it's hard but you will get there. I have just started back to work 3 hours a day, very tired but so lovely to be back in a normal routine. Good luck.


  • Thankyou Carol for the kind reply I've myself convinced it's cancer if it is I'll get through it like everyone else am glad Carol you are back at work and all is well you have been through a lot take care and God bless Karen 🙏

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