Spent another night in hospital due to a temperature spike linked to my chemo.

My Oncologist has said if my temp goes over 38c that i should head for the ER for tests. After my temp wavering around 37 all week it finally hit 38 at 3 am,why it always happens in the middle of the night has me stumped.

After an xray ,ct and bloods they decided i didnt need isolation as my white cells were near normal. All this the night before i was due to get my last chemo session. As a bonus the films didnt show any further growths. So my 'ending chemo celebration' has been postponed again. I look forward to the day when they give me my own bed in that damn hospital. :)

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  • It feels like you live in the hospital while you are undergoing chemo doesn't it, good news though, and you still have your celebrations to look forward to, take care x

  • Sorry to hear all that. Hope you're feeling better soon and you can celebrate your last chemo. Gook luck.

  • Best wishes and good luck xxx

  • I have not the same issue so far but almost did not get my Chemo on Thursday as my temp was just over 38, the doctor was called and gave the all clear for me to have it. I am receiving my first block of Chemo for secondary's from bladder cancer on my lungs and won't get any results until mid to late June after the first block of chemo is completed, I am attending the Cancer Centre at the Belfast City Hospital and if I have any issues relating to my treatment they have a 24/7 helpline to the cancer ward, no need for me to attend A&E, everything in one building. Hope you get your good news soon.

  • Hope it's not long before you can have your celebration... Thinking of you and hope your temperature goes down soon

  • How are you feeling now hotoz57

  • Feeling much better thanks, temp went up again but i didnt go to the hospital and it sorted itself out eventually. lol. I have been chancing not wearing a bag to bed for the last few nights, bed was soaked this morning but with sweat,i had a huge night sweat,no idea why.

  • Hi hotoz57 good to hear you're feeling better. All the best!

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