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Bladder cancer shock

What a shame younger people than me have to go through this sort of thing. I am a female age 87 and really feel at my age I may do better by not having the op that is suggested to me as an option .i get my results on May 9th next Monday as to what options I have. Can't have chemo as have a distorted kidney and radiotheraphy will shrink the bladder more do I pray for some good to come to me.  I have a lot to live for ,but there again it is surprising how much trauma the body can take I f one is fit for their age


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Awh bless you...I'm sure you tough enough...I was 42 when had op...not sure it matters on age...I know a few in their 70s and 80s having or had op...fingers crossed for the 9th that it's good news


Hang in there ma'am.  Just do what you think best. You'll know it. Have stage 4 and don't know how long to live but am living.  So keep your chin up.


My husband is 85 with bladder cancer. We have decided not to do anything and wonder if that's a good choice. We really don't see where it will help and I don't think he would tolerate all the surgeries, chemicals, etc.


I am thinking the same now as I was 

Told that whatever treatment I had would not get rid of it completely and at nearly 88 I may have lived my normal life without knowing I had the awful thing.i being an old retired nurse always felt when the knife goes in it starts things spreading but of course that's just my own opinion but Goo luck on whatever you decide. I had the op called turbt for the path lab results and I am sure that things are aggravated by it ,,but really don't know what to think 



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