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Hi there y'all, i was diagnosed back in 2006, had my first op the day after the world cup final but wasn't treated that good at that particular hospital, in fact it was one of the health care that told me i had cancer, the surgeon and his buddies hadn't even bothered to tell me. When i challenged him about this all he said was 'welcome to the club, you got cancer, next patient' . Could tell some real horror stories about this hospital, and I work for the NHS! Anyway I needed a second op for which the hospital lost all my paperwork etc so went private, explained to the surgeon there that i couldn't afford to keep paying out for check ups BCG etc and he transferred me onto his own list at my local NHS hospital where I have had excellent treatment. Another op and 3 yrs of BCG followed then every 6 months without fail a cystoscopy . Have only praise for the team that cares for me now , dread the 6 monthly checks but know that they are looking after me

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  • I am blessed with the hospital care I am receiving at the Belfast Cancer unit, they are a caring team of dedicated nurses and doctors. Hope all continues to be good for you.

  • Hi Brucie,sorry to hear about your treatment glad you have now found a good one.I love near York and the District Hospital there is brilliant.The surgeon,Macmillan nurses,general hospital staff were all so supporting and upfront.The big C scares the crap out of you and at first was in a daze,but with support from my family and friends and partic Macmillan nurses the haze lifts and you try to be positive and start fighting.Good luck in the future and take care

  • watcha Martin , sounds as tho you on the right road now, lets hope so, yeah you right it scares the crap (for want of another word !) out of you , remember when the health care told me , i ended up with tears running down my face,  that was 10 years ago but can remem it as if it was yesterday. these things stick in your mind.

    glad you getting gud treatment tho,  all this you hear in the media about the nhs being slagged off yet for my treatment at Lincoln County it couldn't be better , strange what you say about the kids tho, my eldest (39) wont even talk about it or even mention the C word and yet the eldest grandson (14) often talks about it  and ,,, and ,,, even mentions THAT word.  as you Yorkshire men say, there's nowt so queer as folks

    keep well


  • Hi Bruce how you doing?I remember trying to hold back the tears in the office of the Macmillan nurse and thinking what the fooook is happening here.But after a bus journey home and 3 very quick Fosters in Wetherspoons I started to come around a bit.Funny what you say about your children and how each of them cope with the big C.My  big 3 we're amazing and the eldest is of similar age to your eldest lives and works in Stevenage.when I got a date to go in he took me to hospital always an early start isn't it??He then stayed all day drinking copious amounts of coffee,then went when I came around and was settled he went home,stayed all week and was a great support like my other big two were as well.I don't know about you but the recovery period was horrendous cos I was on Warfarin the bleeding kept on going and going and passing water was like pisshing through razor blades,lasted for weeks but now a memory.Since joining this group have been amazed by how often the bladder cancer seems to come back for so many people.So even though clear now always a worry for the future.My little two are 9 and 7(ha don't ask a long story!!)I agreed with my ex we wouldn't tell them that daddy has Cancer but would put it down to old heart problems.But kids are clever and inquisitive and Im not completely sure they believed our story and something will pop up in conversation or on television that makes me think they know more than they let on.When you get told the dreaded news right from the start they were my biggest concern.My eldest 3 are adults and they would cope but how do you tell such little people there daddy is not here anymore.Also from a VERY selfish point of view I don't want my ex's partner being their new daddy,Im their daddy not him.Maybe not the correct thing to say but I've always been to honest.thats the Yorkshire in me!!!Have you been clear for the whole 10 years??Jeez Im waffling nice to hear from you and I sincerely hope you stat Cancer free.Take care

  • You know how you dread the check ups well I was the same way Finaly the doctor prescribed me relaxing pills I never had an issue since now I go once a year.

  • relaxing pills eh?? maybe a bottle of scotch would work as well, do you think ?

  • Can't hold as much liquid as I'd like.

  • How awful the way you were treated.... Glad you have got great care now...yes it's a nervous time when 6 month check ups arrive... I'm just over 5 years clear now

  • hi there gal , yeah the big wait is nearly over for this one, have my nex check-up in three weeks time, ah well here we go again . time to start getting nervous again

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