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night time issues

I'm 34, male and for more than 2 months now I've been experiencing some strange, vague symptoms which are actually hard to describe.

It's like a very slight urge to pee which is more prominent at night disturbing my sleep. Maybe it's not really that severe, I wake up around 1/2am or 3/4 am on and off for these 2 months with that slight sensation. However, I only feel this for a moment or so and usually fall back to sleep. Sometimes I don't and I'm awake for the rest of the night however that sensation disappears within minutes. Also during showering I'll sort of pee a few drops, a few times.

My actual urination frequency is largely normal, that's volumes (about 2-2.5l a day) and number of times I'm going (4-5 times/day). My bladder has always been very strong and large as I can hold up to 700ml and this is the only time I'll get a really strong urge to go. It's just that at night time I keep waking up without having a full bladder at these odd times even though I didn't drink anything before bed.

I've had urianalysis samples done 4 times, all normal, tested my blood glucose level and that's normal too (for diabetes). I then finally had a DRE and to my surprise, the doctor said my prostate was enlarged however it was very smooth and normal in that regard. I didn't expect someone my age to have this but the doctor wasn't overly concerned about it and said it's not abnormal and this can happen. Doctor thinks that my symptoms are more likely due to an over-active bladder than anything else but said I can do a PSA if I wanted. I'm really scared to do this though.

I suppose the overactive bladder would explain the intermittent symptoms.

Also I've never had pain or burning or straining when peeing and there's no pain whatsoever anywhere else. I thought if an enlarged prostate or prostate infection was causing me issues I would have more noticeable symptoms, like pain during urination, weak flow etc. but that's all normal. I'm just worried and frustrated as I've never had urinary symptoms or anything like this before in my life. Always been in very good health.

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You possibly have prostatitis. I had it for years. I have a "strong" bladder, as you call it. I used to be able to have over a litter in it without discomfort. I was told that not going to pee a sufficient number of times a day meant small amounts of urine leaked into my prostate causing inflammation. It is hard to describe the symptoms I had. Sometimes it felt like I was going to ejaculate, but completely without any stimulation.

Prostatitis can cause prostatic enlargement and raised PSA. GPs generally find it hard to diagnose. Mine referred me to the sexual health clinic who misdiagnosed it as Non Specific Urethritis and mis_treated me for six months.

It was only when I saw a urologist that I got a proper diagnosis. It was confirmed by a cystoscopy.

A sure sign is that a urinalysis will find leukocytes in the first few mos you pee. If you pee the rest into a separate pot, there will be less or no leukocytes. If you wee again after a DRE with prostatic massage there will more leukocytes. I had leukocytes in my urine for years., but bacteria were never detected.

Acute prostatitis might be treated with at least a months course of antibiotics, but my chronic prostatitis was controlled with alpha blockers and Saw Palmetto . When my PSA was found to be raised in 2011, I first had antibiotics for 2 months before biopsy. Even after that there were still leukocytes there.

I was told that chronic prostatitis does not increase the risk of prostate cancer, but I found it very uncomfortable in the way you describe. It also caused a delay in my biopsy. Unfortunately at 60, the biopsy was positive and now I have no prostatitis, no prostate!

Prostatitis is, I believe not commonly known about and yet commonly occurs.

It doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about, but suggest you insist on being investigated for prostatitis.

Good luck.