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is lyrica a seperate medication to pregablin or are thyey the same as i take pregablin 150mg twice a day and it says lyrica on the box as the maker, i am a little confused as just recently suffers are saying that lyrica is a weight gaining medication (which would anwer my prob at mo as i have gained 8lbs in the last 15months) and then say they use to be on lyrica ans sitched to pregablin confused.com can somebody answer me this as i believe its the same thing, i also believe that gabbapentin is part of the same family i have been on both , also it does relive my symptoms mildly i also take MSTcontinnus 20mg twice daily but my question is why does nothing aliminate the pain symtoms night time is my worse time i hate bedtime

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Hello Teresa-67,

Lyrica is a brand name for Pregabalin and here is a link for information about the medication


Gabapentin & Pregabalin are in the same group of anti-epileptics. I was prescribed Gabapentin and did not feel much benefit personally and I changed to Pregabalin which was better for pain relief.

if you feel your symptoms are not under control you may consider visiting you GP to discuss your medication and/or to refer you to a Pain Clinic. Here is a link for information about Pain Clinics


Hopefully the GP or pain clinic can advise you on the best treatment plan to help your alleviate your symptoms

Best Wishes



I too am on Pregabalin/Lyrica. Do you know if a tolerance can be built up to it? When I first started taking it I was so relieved, as it really seemed to help, but for the past month or so now I have been in much worse pain and many of my other symptoms have come back. Anyone know?


i think ith all medication you build up a resistance your dosage may need altering i would make an appointment with you gp and tell him how you have been feeling, i to feel the same i just think nothing really takes the pain away it just alters how we think and relaxes our muscles and us which in theory helps us deal with the pain xx gentle hugs xx


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