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mind does matter

Reading and researching causes /andor controls for fibro, one thing is clear is most fibro suffers share certain symptoms but we all have our own added extras and personal ways of trying to cope.

A big coping mechanism is how well we can convince ourselves that the latest treatment is the one that will work (Hopefully I will remember the medical term before I finish this). I don't believe that fibro is 'all in the mind,' but it definitely has a powerful influence on how well we can cope - at least in the short term.

I have done judo for 30 years - so teaching now rather than doing (it is what makes me get up and keep going). I know that if I just try a technique it will hurt me more than my partner, but if I take a few seconds to 'shut the feelings of pain/resistence in a box' then i can easily do more or less any technique I want without feeling any pain, I can throw or be thrown without shoulders or legs breaking (my normal state is shoulders really solid, my mind says tense is good it is protective as even the wind blowing on them will make them shatter). I will feel great (even euphoric) for a few minutes then the old familiar pains return - no worse than before but the brain refuses to be convinced that I won't fall apart if it just allows my body to relax and get on with life.

Ah yes, placebo is the word, but if it works even for a short while (and can't do more harm) then isn't it worth it. Problem is medical ethics says treatments have to have a provable record of curing to be prescribable (yes I know it is not a word)

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The mind is a powerful attribute and sometimes can make all the difference especially during difficult days,somedays are a real battle to stay strong and positive but like yourself i won't be beaten by this wretched affliction that is Fibromyalgia! We have to believe! xxx


The mind influences the body and vice versa. Are we in pain because we are depressed, or depressed because we are in pain. Pain is the bodies response something wrong. It a caution to us to be careful in that specific area. The risk we run when we ignore this warning is the shutting down of our bodies in that area. The body will protect itself and the brain remembers what circumstances led to the original injury and will shut it down even faster the next time.


Yes I think that about fibro and also my Interstitial Cystitis, I have had a cystoscopy and have an inflammed bladder so real symptoms which alas can't always be demonstrated with fibro, but what you say is absolutely true, these are real conditions but somehow emotional/ psychological/attitudinal approaches do really help in many cases more than medical approaches. I find its the acceptance that it exists and it is how you are is number 1, not trying to fight it number 2, but doing something positive to get your quality of life back instead of letting the disease take over your life is an enormous number 3.


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