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Which physical supports?

As with us all, pain and fatigue varies, I find the more pain the more worn out I am. A physio gave me soft grip crutches, which are great unless I am having a flare up as my hands are agony, they are great unless I am exhausted and then they become quite dangerous as I will struggle to co-ordinate them. I am going through a long spell of complete exhaustion, pain is awful, and my co-ordination is horrific. I work 30 hours a week and commute for approx 15 hours by car adding to the fatigue. My job is mainly seated at a desk but as with any job, i am required to leave my desk to carry out other duties. It can take hours to find a spot that is comfortable and when I do, I don't want to move. I have a chair with additional support, a footrest and wrist rests and am up to speed on desk safety and equipment. Can anyone suggest any aids or equipment that I may not have considered? I desperately want to maintain employment.

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Could you be moved closer to where you need to walk to, to do your other duties?, or could those duties be given to someone else. they have to be seen to make reasonable changes at work and one thing they can do is allocate certain jobs to other members of staff? as You have already explained they have equipped you with certain things, so they appear to be a reasonable company to work for. The travelling, could you condense your days maybe so your not travelling as many days? if that's an option, I know its not always an option, depending on your job role.

I used to work 6, 6hr shifts and I applied to do 3, 12 hour shifts instead, mainly to save on travelling but they refused, but my company was not interested in their staff, hence y I had to leave. Even after having a fit note of my docs they still insisted in giving me 45-50hrs a week instead of my contracted 36. Do you have an HR Dept you could speak with for advice?




The travel - to someone with your conditions - is like having a second/third job, I know it is hard but that should be eliminated as soon as possible. A tens machine helps when pain is at its worse or for stiffness such as in lower back or neck. This can be worn whilst travelling or working x make sure you are not placed under air conditioning or near fans as draft will create cold spots not good for F.M.S x


This info on Work and Fibro may be of help:

In particular, Access to Work may be able to help you - e.g. with making the commute easier or by paying for a PA.

Would working from home some of the time be an option with your role?


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