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Appeal help dla

Does anyone know of an organisation that helps with paperwork snd procedure for a 2nd tier appeal tribunal. I have found 1 but apart from taking nearly half of any back payments they have 1 or 2 clauses that worry me a little. When CAB told me they wouldnt take my appeal any further becsuse I was an unreliable witness. This is because I couldn't remember certain small details of questions from when I appealed 3 yrs ago and it made me look deceitful. They wouldnt listen to my explanation of a bad memory :'(

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One of the organisations listed on the page below might be able to help:

The Benefits & Work guides are also very good. If you email, we can send these out for free.


Hi Chrissey,

That's a disgrace what they have done to you, Don't they know the memory problems are part of having Fibro!!! It pains me to see how we get treated, because of the silent illness!!! If we had a limb missing or a white stick we would get treated differently but because our symptoms are not visible we get ignored and looked down on... It terrible. In my area we have a agency called D.I.A.L They have been fantastic for my disabled son who also suffers from a silent chronic condition.

They have done a home visit to complete his DLA forms, I used to do them but like you suffering from Fibro Fog, I find it really hard and stressful to say the least. Unfortunately I have no answers to this awful situation other than keep fighting, But easier said than done...

Take care and I hope you get the help and support.


Shelley xx


Thank you for your advice. I am sure I would cope better if I had someone at home to talk to as I believe that just talking about something out loud not just thinking about it in your head helps you to come to a solution so much quicker. Thank you for your support lindsey and shelley xx


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