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DLA/PIP. Cold weather

Hi All,

My FMS hasn't been accepting me to much recently, but it is starting to with all this cold weather, are PIP really strict with people with FMS? I have been told off my DEA (Disability Empolyment Advisor) that I should be on high rate mobility due to my FMS but I'm not in on low and low care.

It has been really cold recently and I have been trying to stay warm when I am at home and out and about. I woke up this morning in pain so I'm guessing the cold is starting to effect a lot more now doesn't help that it has been snowing here in South Shields last night, we have been very lucky to miss most of the snow that has hit the UK.

I think once I have completed this I will shake a leg and get sorted for college and take some medication into college with my as lying in bed is starting to get rather painful so I have noticed ??.

I was chatting to one of my friends from college and she told me that my tutor is discriminating against be because of my Fibromyalgia and my deafness, luckily I have someone I can speak to about my deafness and she is really supportive.

When I am at college and in a lot of pain or discomfort I take my medication in class to take the edge off. However when I was off college due to migraines I got pulled by my tutor because of my attendance (which was at 80%) and they kept threatening me that I was at risk of being removed from the course. I then sent two of my tutors information on FMS and a few days later I then asked if she read any of the information and she said no! Even though I went out of my way to find the information for her all she had to do was click on the link.

Anyway I better go its 8:25 am and I need to get ready for college.

Thanks for reading xx

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Hi, I am sorry to hear about your struggle to be supported/understood/heard and threatened in college.

It appears that they are not taking your health circumstances into account at all and therefore treating you in a discriminatory way (as if you are a healthy person and ignoring what you are trying to tell them about your health difficulties).

There is a national organisation who specializes with disability and educational establishments' responsibilities and obligations towards their students with disabilities - they will be able to advise you.

Unfortunately, I'm not able to remember what the organization's name is and hopefully someone else knows. I found it by googling.

I hope this helps. Good luck.



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